Sunday, September 17, 2006

Great Video Interview Of Bruce From Portland

Thanks to Brett Whitmarsh for the news. WCSH Portland did a video interview with Bruce the other day and this is probably the best Bruce Campbell interview I've seen in years. Its 20 minutes long and it touches all levels of Bruce's career. The interviewer is extremely knowledgable of Bruce's roles and asks some great questions. I won't go through the whole interview because I really recommend that everyone watch it, but Bruce talks about some really cool things. When talking about My Name Is Bruce, Bruce says "[This Oregon Town] is having problems with a monster so they think hiring a B movie actor will help get rid of the montser, and [I] screw everything up royally". Bruce also talks about how he built an old western town in his backyard from scraps of wood that him and his crew collected from locals. When talking about big budget movies, Bruce says that he hates doing them because the crew consists of just too many people. When making the Spider-Man movies, Bruce says that " I try to get a message to Sam through 9 assistant directors", illustrating his respone to making 'A' movies. Bruce says that the budget for Spider-Man 3 is well over $200 million and that he enjoys making television more than movies because the pacing is faster. Finally, the great question that the interviewer asked Bruce was, "Do you and Sam ever get together to talk about making a low budget movie", and Bruce's reply, "I don't think Sam knows how to make a low budget movie anymore...if he directed an episode of Hercules, he would die". Does that seal the fate of Evil Dead 4? no one knows. Great interview. You can Click Here to watch the interview or click on the link at the beginning. Just for your information, there are two other stories that I posted today, one on Bruce playing a waiter in Spider-Man 3 and the other on episodes of Jack of all Trades online, so check those out right under this article.


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