Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lucy Lawless Respond's To 'Xena' Movie Rumors

Thought the following might interest some Bruce fans. Lucy Lawless did an interview with the online news magazine After Ellen a few days ago and was asked about the rumors of a Xena movie, here an excerpt with her response:

"[As for the rumors of Xena hitting the big screen? Lawless hasn't heard of anything in the works, but she quips, “They'll cast some 19-year-old piece of chicken as Xena and disgust us all.”]"

I don't know how many Xena/Herc fans there are that come to this site, but Bruce played a huge role in making those shows a success. I think Bruce was in over 20 episodes all together in those 2 shows and he directed a whole bunch more. Xena fans have been wondering when this movie would come to light and it doesn't look like any time soon. A few years back Rob Tapert and company were ready to make the movie but there were legal problems with Universal regarding who owned the rights to the character of Xena and lawsuit is still going on to this day. This lawsuit is likely the reason for the lack of development in the project. Judging by Lucy Lawless' response, it appears that she doesn't want anyone else taking her 'chakram' and wants to make this movie with her as the star. If one day we do see a Xena movie in development, we might see Bruce Campbell return as the elderly 'King of Thieves', Autolycus. You can read the full interview with Lucy Lawless here. Lawless also goes onto talk about her current role in Battlestar Galactica and her husband Rob Tapert.


At 6:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just wanna say i love the site and if anyone has noticed *cough* episodes of xena and herc on youtube *cough*

At 10:29 AM, Blogger floacist said...

I dont think people get Lucy's sense of humor. She's so down to earth and she clearly couldnt care less about the possibility of someone else playing Xena (besides, I'm sure she's pretty aware of the fact that NO ONE will be able to play it as she did. She made that a character her own).

At 12:04 PM, Anonymous August said...

The deal with the rights has been pretty much resolved. Rob had hoped that he'd be able to sort of inherit them, as the producer who created and developed the character, but NBC-Universal (the new parent company of the old Studios USA) still owns them, since he created the character while working for them. All that means is that he has to make the movie through them, and can't go off and do his own deal. They went ahead and said he could do a Xena movie, but they'd only give him a very tiny amount of $$ to do it on (the figures I've heard have ranged in the $5-10 million range.) Whereas he was thinking somewhere in the $60 million range, which would still be cheap for a period/costume/sfx film. So it's sort of back-burnered until such time as some other company is willing to be a partner and come up with the rest of the $$... and as we know, Rob has about 7 other projects in the works right now that are more immediate priorities.

Basically though, as soon as some costume movie *does* make a huge profit, and/or if Lucy becomes a huge movie star on her own, and/or if the Wonder Woman movie is a huge hit, then NBC-Universal would be likely to come begging for a Xena movie. Same thing happened with the Star Trek movie - it was on-again, off-again for a decade. Then Star Wars was a hit for Fox...and Paramount suddenly said "Hey.... what about that idea we had for a Trek movie?"

At 2:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i personally would love to see lucy lawless play xena again i think the way that xena was shot on tv is one thing but i would love to see xena shot the same way as the hobbit .
the tone the texture the aura .etc

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