Friday, March 02, 2007

'Evil Dead: The Comic' Update

Thanks to Dimitris for the following. Mark Verheiden, who wrote the upcoming Bruce film My Name Is Bruce, has also penned the comic book adaptation of The Evil Dead. This comic book will feature new scenes and one liners of our hero Ash. Here is the update on the project courtesy of Verheiden's blog:

"I visited the lovely Dark Horse offices in Milwaukie Oregon last week, where I got to see the almost finished artwork for our EVIL DEAD adaptation/expansion. I know I've posted this before, but artist John Bolton is absolutely pulling out all the stops on this baby. Every page is a full color painting, and John's renderings of the demonic goings-ons are absolutely horrific. Remember, this isn't just a straight adaptation, but an authorized "expansion" of the first movie, with new scenes. For instance: for those familiar with the film, there's a sequense where the Scotty character runs from the shack, only to return battered and broken. Well, for the first time you're going to see exactly what happened to poor Scotty in the woods. And it isn't pretty! Finally, for those comic fans who are concerned about scheduling, 3 1/2 issues of the 4 issue series are in-house, done, finished, complete! So when this series is finally solicited, you're going to get four slabs of on-time, monthly hell-on-Earthness. Beautiful art, Bruce Campbell, Evil Dead and timeliness! Is this a great world or what?"

You can read the full source of the information here.


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I'm still sceptic, as this is raimi's story not Mark Verheiden's. though I guess I'll get it anyway because I love what John Bolton did for Army of Darkness.


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