Friday, September 22, 2006

'My Name Is Bruce' Screened For An Audience Last Night

Great news comes from the head of Darkhorse Entertainment, Mike Richardson, who is co-producing My Name Is Bruce with Bruce Campbell. Richardson talked with IESB and said that a rough assembly of My Name Is Bruce was screened for an audience last night and quote, "people were rolling out of their chairs, it was a riot". Wow, rolling out of their chairs in sheer laughter, I hope fans get even more excited for this movie just by hearing Richardson's comments. I haven't heard someone say that about an independant movie in a long time. Click Here to read the interview with Mike Richardson. I'll have more news while it comes. Also in related news, Sam Raimi has inked a deal with Mike Richardson to produce a film based on the Darkhorse comics release about "two roommates who as their costumed alter egos are mortal enemies", called Arch Nemesis. It's supposed too be a sci-fi comedy of sorts. This project only adds to the list of projects Sam Raimi is doing right now. Sam and Rob Tapert still have around 4 or 5 movies in production through Ghosthouse Pictures, Sam is also producing a TV mini-series based on the Sword Of Truth novels, he is cutting Spider-Man 3, and is now producing this film. It makes you think if he will direct Bruce in a starring role ever again with all the stuff that Raimi has lined up. Sorry for the Sam Raimi timbit, I know its a Bruce blog but I thought it was important because anything Sam's involved in, there is a chance Bruce might pop up somewhere in the project. And since that new movie Arch Nemesis is being co-produced by Darkhorse, Mike Richardson loves Bruce (he is co-producing My Name Is Bruce) maybe Bruce could show up in this film. But its just wishful thinking. Keep waiting for My Name Is Bruce, lets get the buzz high so we get see this movie in the theatres and not straight to DVD.


At 6:24 PM, Blogger kewl_11 said...

SA-WEEEET! I am so looking foward to this film. By the way, to whoever runs this site...THANK YOU! I visit this page daily and there is always more news! I love it.

At 10:34 AM, Blogger Deckle said...

Thanks for the appreciation for the site. If Darkhorse is already screening a rough assembly right now, the movie should be edited in no time and hopefully be ready for the beginning of the year next year. I just hope we get a theatrical release, at least in the independant theatres that is.

At 6:02 PM, Anonymous Liza Marie said...

Thanks for keeping us informed on all of Bruce's shenanigans. I have high hopes for this film. Cannot wait to see it. Keep the news coming!

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