Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Hey there, this will be my first post so be gentle.
Anyway I thought I'd make a small roundup of the rumours/news that were posted in the comments section while Deckle was away.

First of Brisco County Jr. and Jack of All Trades made it into the list of the "13 TV Shows that never should have been cancelled"

there were also extra monster scenes filmed for 'My name is Bruce'.

thanks to Paddy we know a interview has been posted on Bloody-disgusting with Bubba Ho-tep director Don Coscarelli

BC might star in Richard Stanleys new movie vacation here and here (Scroll down) [thanks to hellmonkey]

Sam Raimi is in talks for the Hobbit and Spider-man 4

Some Sneak Reviews of 'My name is Bruce' here [thanks to JFY] and here [thanks to Sterlin]

and last but not least a review of Spider-man 3 [thanks to LM71]

oh and Zombie Junkie tells us the Evil Dead the Musical starts in Toronto on May 1st, and the NY cast album comes out on April 24th.

stay Groovy!

ps; pictured is Bruce in negotiations with Ron Jeremy to adapt 'Let's Make make Love [the Bruce Campbell way]' into a porn movie. just kidding ;)


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