Monday, September 25, 2006

Bruce's Agent Now A Regular On Jon Stewart's 'The Daily Show'

So it was a slow news day for Bruce news but there was an article today in the Boston Globe about Bruce's agent John Hodgman, who is now a regular reporter on the critically acclaimed, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. That was pretty weird but cool at the same time. I believe that Hodgman is Bruce's literary agent and not his acting agent (I could be wrong), and I assume that he stopped being Bruce's agent after he got the Daily Show gig. Here is where they mention Bruce.

"Hodgman majored in literary criticism at Yale and applied to an MFA program at Johns Hopkins University. He didn't get in, but by that time he was living in New York and working as a receptionist for Writers House, a literary agency, and eventually became an agent for the likes of B-movie star Bruce Campbell"

So that was pretty neat to hear that a guy can go from an agent for Bruce Campbell, to a reporter on the Daily Show. Hodgman could be the next one out of the Daily Show to have huge success. Steve Carrell and Stephen Colbert are just a few who have reached stardom. Check out the article here.


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