Friday, July 07, 2006

"The Woods" DVD Release

According to Twitch Film, "The Woods", a horor film in which Bruce had a supporting role will be released on DVD August 31st. The film is about a young girl who confronts evil that lurks in the woods that reside across from an all girls school in 1965.

"Touch The Top Of The World" Review

Bruce's latest film "Touch The Top Of The World" about the first visually impaired individual to climb Mount Everest has recently got a positive review by the NY Times. Although no mention of Bruce in the review, Bruce plays the father of the blind man who journeys with his son to climb the mountain. This was an A&E original movie but there are no reports of the movie getting replayed anytime soon. Look for the movie to be out on DVD in a little while. Here is a pic of Bruce from the film.

Spider-man 3 and Ant Bully Trailers Online

The first trailers for "Spider-man 3" and "Ant Bully" are both online. Sad thing though, Bruce doesn't appear in the previews. Although in the Ant trailer you might hear an ant screaming half way through, kinda sounds like Bruce but I don't know. Bruce plays an Ant named Fugax in the film.

Ant Bully Trailer
Spider-Man 3 Trailer

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bruce Campbell as Mysterio in Spider-Man 3

Rumor has it that Sam Raimi has Bruce Campbell tapped to play the secret 4th villain in the 3rd Spidey movie. Looks like Bruce will be playing Mysteio in "Spider-man 3". In the first film Bruce played a ring announcer for a wrestling match and in the second movie Bruce played a usher at the movie theatre. Quentin Beck, whose alias is Mysterio, is a stunt performer and a special effects wizard in Hollywood who battles Spider-man after Spidey foils many of his evil deeds. So the two roles that Bruce played in the first two films may be skillfully mastered by Sam Raimi to portray Quentin Beck in his entertainment jobs without us knowing about it.

July 18th is Bruce Campbell Day, Brisco and Jack

Everyone make sure to get their copy of Bruce's one hit wonder's, "Jack of All Trades" and "Adventures of Brisco County Jr." on DVD. Both shows lasted only one season but are price less and have a huge fan base within the Bruce Campbell community.