Thursday, November 30, 2006

Entertainment Weekly Shoots Down Chances of a 'Brisco County Jr.' Reunion

There was an article in Entertainment Weekly (EW) today regarding a fan writing into EW and asking them to find out if the powers that be could "at least talk Bruce Campbell into doing a reunion movie?" for Brisco County Jr. Here is the response given by EW:

"Brisco, which was simply too weird with its sci-fi/western mish-mash to succeed on network television. Thankfully, both shows are available on DVD, so quality lives — you just have to pay for it."

So EW indirectly shoots down any chances of a Firefly-esque resurrection for Brisco County Jr. Fans want Bruce to do a reunion movie and are going as far as writing into Entertainment Weekly asking for one. I remembering Bruce saying that there was pretty much no chance in hell that Brisco County Jr. would ever come back, but weirder things have happened, go ask Joss Whedon. You can read the full article here.

Note: One other news story for today. It's not directly related to Bruce but it is regarding rumors of a Xena movie.

Lucy Lawless Respond's To 'Xena' Movie Rumors

Thought the following might interest some Bruce fans. Lucy Lawless did an interview with the online news magazine After Ellen a few days ago and was asked about the rumors of a Xena movie, here an excerpt with her response:

"[As for the rumors of Xena hitting the big screen? Lawless hasn't heard of anything in the works, but she quips, “They'll cast some 19-year-old piece of chicken as Xena and disgust us all.”]"

I don't know how many Xena/Herc fans there are that come to this site, but Bruce played a huge role in making those shows a success. I think Bruce was in over 20 episodes all together in those 2 shows and he directed a whole bunch more. Xena fans have been wondering when this movie would come to light and it doesn't look like any time soon. A few years back Rob Tapert and company were ready to make the movie but there were legal problems with Universal regarding who owned the rights to the character of Xena and lawsuit is still going on to this day. This lawsuit is likely the reason for the lack of development in the project. Judging by Lucy Lawless' response, it appears that she doesn't want anyone else taking her 'chakram' and wants to make this movie with her as the star. If one day we do see a Xena movie in development, we might see Bruce Campbell return as the elderly 'King of Thieves', Autolycus. You can read the full interview with Lucy Lawless here. Lawless also goes onto talk about her current role in Battlestar Galactica and her husband Rob Tapert.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Talk of Bruce On The Set of His New Show 'Burn Notice'

So if you didn't hear yet, look back at yesterdays news report because there was HUGE NEWS in the Bruce world. Bruce is currently in production on a new television show and will be playing a supporting role in the series. There is a relatively unknown Actor/Director by the name of Mario Xavier, and he is in the Pilot episode of Bruce's new show, Burn Notice. Xavier tells about his encounter with Bruce on the set of the new show in his blog. Here is an excerpt:

"So, on set of the new series 'Burn Notice', I met the man, the legend, Mr. Bruce Campbell. The man who traveled back in time to defeat an army of undead zombie warriors is the nicest guy in the world. Also, I got to shake his hand and he called me a 'good kid'. Remember, I'm the same guy who's coached Eva Longoria, and hung out with Will Smith, etc, etc. And yet, I'm a school kid around Bruce Campbell. Awsomest day ever!"

I've never heard of Mario Xavier until now, but according to him it looks like Bruce is the most popular guy on the set of that show and he's not even the main character. You can read the blog entry of Mario Xavier here.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bruce Campbell Set To Co-Star In A New TV Show

Shocking news, I know. Bruce Campbell has signed to play a supporting character in the new TV show called Burn Notice for the USA Network. Bruce will not be playing the male lead in the show but will be playing his friend. Here is a description of the show and Bruce's role from the Hollywood Reporter:

"Gabrielle Anwar has been tapped to star opposite Jeffrey Donovan in USA Network's drama pilot 'Burn Notice'. Emmy winner Sharon Gless and Bruce Campbell also have joined the Fox TV Studios project, to be directed by Jace Alexander. Set in Miami, 'Burn' centers on Michael Weston (Donovan), a blacklisted Special Ops agent who uses his elite training to find the reason for the "burn notice" that ended his spy career as well as to help those who can't go to the police.Anwar will play Weston's ex, a former IRA terrorist and expert at survival tactics who has a love-hate relationship with him. Gless will play Weston's mother, a lonely, an aging chain smoker who has issues with her son. Campbell will play a former Navy SEAL who is an old friend of Weston's."

Production begins today in Miami.

I know everyone is going to be up in arms about Bruce not starring in this show but Bruce picked this show for a reason and not because of the paycheck. I know all the Bruce fans want a campy show starring there hero but it will be nice to see Bruce on television every week. No mention of when the show air, probably mid-season.

Go tell the world about Bruce's new show. I'll keep you posted as always. Come again. You can click here to read the full press briefing.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Top 5 Bruce Video's

A while back I did a Top 5 Bruce Campbell You Tube Videos, which can be found here. One of our regulars to the site, Evil Flip, wanted me to post one of the following videos. This inspired me to do part 2 of the top 5 Bruce videos that people have rarely seen.

5. Bruce Campbell Waxing His Morning Wood: I put this one on the last set of Top 5's but its just too funny. Watch this video, its from an episode of Robot Chicken that Bruce was on. And the animator's totally got the style of Bruce's shirt. Typical of what he wears. [Click Here To Watch]

4. Within The Woods: Within The Woods was the 'pilot' for making The Evil Dead. This was what was used to raise money for the film by Bruce, Sam, and Rob. [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

3. 10 Minute Theatre - The Evil Dead: This guy does a hilarious commentary of The Evil Dead in a compressed 10 minute version of the film [Click Here To Watch]

2. Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi Discussing Their Super 8 Films: This is footage from the 80's where Bruce and Sam are being interviewed and they talk about their early work and most importantly, why Bruce always stars in their movies. [Click Here To Watch]

1. Sam Raimi Telling Tobey Maguire He Isn't Good Enough: This video is awesome for mainly one part. Sam is telling Maguire that he isn't doing a good job for this one scene and then he goes, "Your performance isn't good enough. I want some real quality acting in this picture, I want something that Bruce Campbell would give". Bruce gets interviewed in the video as well. [Click Here To Watch]

Post any videos that you think are worthwhile in the comment section.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

No News Today, Quick Wrap Up

The weekends are always slow for news so I will just blabble about what's going on in the Bruce world lately. So The Ant Bully came out this past week on DVD and Bruce has a major role in that film so everyone should go out and rent or buy that movie. Some people are having trouble finding Maniac Cop on DVD, which came out last week. I was able to find a copy of Maniac Cop at my local retailer but they were in extremely limited supply since my store was only carrying one copy, so you might have trouble finding that movie. It's rumored that Sam Raimi has been approached by New Line Cinema to direct The Hobbit, which is a prequel to The Lord of the Rings. Peter Jackson has turned down New Line's offer since there a dispute over the financial earnings of the trilogy he made. Not too much talk of My Name Is Bruce of late so we might have something from Bruce in a little while. Bruce promised to leak more photos of the movie soon, so look out for that. Bubba Nosferatu is scheduled to go into production in the Spring of next year. That's pretty much your wrap up for the latest in events in the Bruce world. Thank you, come again.

Friday, November 24, 2006

The Aftermath of the Sam Raimi 'The Hobbit' Rumor Begins, Cheap Shots Taken At Bruce

So the rumor has just gone web wide and prominent news sites are speculating on the potential film news that broke yesterday (look at yesterdays entry to see what the big fuss is about). One of the more interesting articles that was put out there that involved Bruce was from Cinema Blend which attributed negative comments to the 'Geek God' when talking about a potential Raimi helmed The Hobbit. Here is an excerpt:

"You might think Raimi ought to be getting tired of Spidey by now, but word has it that the third film sets up a story which he might be keen to continue for a fourth movie. Why bother with The Hobbit? He has one high profile franchise already. Besdies, if Raimi does take it we’ll have to suffer through Bruce Campbell as… rumors that invariably follow Ted’s brother everywhere he goes. Bruce Campbell as Gandalf anyone?"

The words 'suffer' and 'Bruce Campbell' do not belong in the same sentence and it was a cheap shot at Bruce (and lets not forget Ted). The last bit of the article goes onto sarcastically suggests that Bruce play Gandalf. You can read the full article here.

Note: I quickly made that picture, I know the proportions are a little off. You can click on it to make it bigger.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sam Raimi Approached To Direct 'The Hobbit'

Much thanks to Tina Louise, who is a regular to the site, for the next piece of news. For those of you who didn't know, there is actually a book called The Hobbit that takes place many years before The Lord of the Rings Trilogy that focuses on Bilbo Bagins and his adventures with Gandalf. Well, is suggesting that Sam Raimi has been approached by the studio to direct the film since the studio has been turned down by Peter Jackson. Here is an excerpt:

"Word from a reliable source indicates that Sam Raimi has been approached to direct THE HOBBIT. Since Peter Jackson's (Middle-)earth shattering news that he is off the project, it seems the Spider-Man director may step into his place. Raimi was born on October 23rd, 1959 in Royal Oak, Michigan. His first big hit was 'The Evil Dead' but he really gained cult status with 'Evil Dead II'. It is his amazing work on the Spider-Man series that has propelled Raimi to the mainstream. His latest film 'Spider-Man 3' is due out this May. While there is no word on Raimi accepting the invitation, it remains to be seen who, if anyone, will be replacing Peter Jackson!"

Call me selfish, but I want to see Sam get down and dirty and make a low budget movie starring Bruce. If the rumors are true and Sam does take the job, Sam will need as much time to do this film as he needs with the Spider-Man movies. Which means he will be in it for the long haul and to quote Bruce, "When Sam stops liking money, maybe something will happen with Evil Dead 4". If Sam indeed is declared the director in the coming weeks, we can be sure that The Hobbit will be a great movie and that Bruce (and probably Ted too) will be apart of another Hollywood blockbuster. Sam is a great choice though because if you think about it, Sam spent so many years producing Xena and Hercules down in New Zealand, and kiwi territory is likely where The Hobbit will be filmed. Sam and Rob can rekindle the old connections and get to work with people they already know. For you hardcore Xena and Herc fans out there, you can see a lot of familiar faces between those two shows and the actors/actresses you see in The Lord of the Rings and if Sam went down there to direct The Hobbit, it would be perfect. You can read the original source report here.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

'Army Of Darkness' Named One Of The Top 10 Time Travelling Movies Of All Time

MTV did an article on their top 10 time traveling movies of all time and Army of Darkness landed at the seventh spot. Here is the excerpt talking about the film:

"Bruce Campbell returns as the chainsaw-wielding, zombie-fighting Ash in Sam Raimi's final installment of "The Evil Dead." A spell from the Necronomicon transports Ash (and his Oldsmobile) to England circa 1300 A.D., where gas stations are in short supply. The medieval locals are unsure whether the stranger is a "hero from the sky" or an enemy to be feared, so just to be safe, they lock Ash in a dungeon. It's only after Ash helps defeat the Deadites (that he himself accidentally released ... again) that he's able to return to the present. It's a Yankee stooge in King Arthur's skeleton-infested court drenched in blood! "

The movie Time After Time with Malcolm McDowell landed at top spot. Other movies that landed in the top 10 include Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and the Back To The Future Trilogy. You can see the full list here.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

'The Ant Bully' Out On DVD Today

So before you see Bubba Nosferatu in a couple years, you can see the ultimate tandum of Bruce Campbell and Paul Giamatti in this flick. Bruce plays a scout ant named Fugax in the film and has a major role in the film. Bruce's name is even on the back cover of the DVD. Here is an excerpt from DVD Talk that talks about Bruce in the upcoming DVD release:

"The star-studded cast supplies solid voice work. Particular standouts are cult-movie fave Bruce Campbell as a swaggering scout ant and Paul Giamatti as slovenly exterminator Stan Beals of Beals-a-Bug pest control".

Go buy the DVD today. Bruce actually has a big role in th
is film. You can read the full DVD review of The Ant Bully here.

Note: One more article for today right under this one.

The Sky Get's A Litte More Blue

So if you are buying into all the Blue-Ray hype, than you can pick up Sky High on Blue-Ray DVD today. Bruce plays a somewhat essential character whose role is far from a cameo but isn't quite a prodominant character in the film. Bruce takes on the role of Coach Boomer, a high school gym teacher who determines the fate of future super-heroes or sidekicks. Go buy this today or you can get the DVD version which has been released for over a year now.

Monday, November 20, 2006

James Bond In The Spirit Of Sam Raimi

Not much happening in the Bruce world this weekend. This weekend was the big relaunch for James Bond and it got some comparisons to Sam Raimi's work by Flick Filopsopher. Here is the excerpt mentioning Sam:

"Casino Royale is more like Batman Begins than it is like The World Is Not Enough. It’s more like Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man than it is like Die Another Day. It’s Bond’s superhero origin story reconsidered from a perspective that respects and understands the authority and the intensity behind the character. It is, in that way that defines a genuinely geeky approach, serious about something silly. But not too serious."

I guess all its missing is Bruce. You can read the full article here.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Itsy-Bitsy Bit Part...Bruce Gives Us An Update

You never thought you would see the day when Bruce Campbell would actually update his website. Well he did and posted the following on the front page regarding his role in the upcoming Spider-Man 3:

"Itsy-Bitsy Bit Part? Hell no! They say there are no small parts. Especially in humungous blockbuster movies like the highly-anticipated threequel to Spider-Man! All the Sony lawyers will let me say is that I once again have a pivotal role in the movie and that this time, Spider-man and I team up! -BC"

Its nice to hear Bruce again. Freshest rumor out is that he is playing Quinten Beck in a minor capacity. You can read the original source here.

Friday, November 17, 2006

New 'Spider-Man 3' Uncut Trailer Leaked

Remember that trailer that Sam Raimi and Sony released a week ago, well there was actually 6 more seconds to that preview that Sony cut because they wanted to tease fans a little bit more. The 6 seconds that was cut were from the end of the trailer was footage of....VENOM. I know you all wanted Bruce to be in those last six seconds but it was Venom. The Sony Execs cut the footage just to keep that excitement that fans had over what Venom was going to look like in the film. Well, here is a gift. CLICK HERE to watch the uncut trailer with the Venom footage. I never uploaded the video, I just found it. Watch it before the Sony lynch mob takes it down.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

'The Blind Waiter' - Early Bruce Campbell Short Film Online

The Blind Waiter was a short film from Bruce's super 8 days as a teenager and was written by Josh Becker and Scott Spiegel. Its really cheesy and the effects are from old three stooges tapes but its so damn funny. The movie stars Bruce Campbell as a blind waiter. Click the following links to watch the movie. Enjoy. [PART 1, PART 2]

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bruce's Role In 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' Is Declared A Cameo

Bruce will be in the movie version of the animated show Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which is about a bunch of fast food items that are super heroes. MTV has declared that Bruce's role in the film is a cameo and that he doesn't have a prominent role in the film. Here is an excerpt from the article featuring Bruce:

"[The movie will also feature several guest voices from the likes of Rush drummer/songwriter Neil Peart and geek mega-star Bruce Campbell. 'There are actually plenty [of cameos], and we won't credit any of them,' Willis promised. "We can't say who, because of union rules. You'll just have to listen for them.']"

There you have it, MTV is calling Bruce the "geek mega-star". You can CLICK HERE to read the full article.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

'Maniac Cop' Out Today On DVD

Maniac Cop is out on DVD today, so go pick it up. The 1988 film is a cult classic and stars Bruce Campbell as a police officer in this suspensful horror flick. The new special edition DVD has an all new HD transfer and features a commentary with Bruce himself. Here is a synopsis for the movie:

"Innocent people are brutally killed on the streets of New York by a uniformed police officer. A young cop, Jack Forrest (played by Bruce Campbell), finds himself marked as the chief suspect after his wife is murdered. As Lieutenant Frank McCrae (Tom Atkins) investigates these mysterious killings, the death toll rises and he suspects a mysterious police cover-up. This "maniac" cop must be stopped, but it might not be so easy! He isn't an ordinary man. He's inhuman. driven by supernatural forces. and ready to take on the entire police force, hell-bent on revenge!"

Go get the movie today. Maniac Cop did spawn two more sequels, with one of them starring Bruce, no word on the release date of those.

Monday, November 13, 2006

'My Name Is Bruce' Mentioned In The New York Times

There was a huge article in The New York Times today on Mike Richardson and Dark Horse Entertainment, which will be producing My Name Is Bruce. Here is an excerpt from the article mentioning the future Bruce Campbell epic:

"In January, it will publish Hellboy Animated Vol. 1: The Black Wedding, timed to the DVD release of the title character’s first animated foray. Its roster of original films includes “My Name Is Bruce,” in which Bruce Campbell, a popular B-movie actor, is kidnapped to protect an Oregon town from monsters. And the veteran horror director John Landis will make “Gone,” a thriller that takes place in a haunted house."

You can read the full article here.

Note: One more article for today right under this one.

Clip Of Bruce Campbell's Character From The Upcoming 'The Ant Bully' DVD

The Any Bully was an animated film that Bruce was in this past summer and with its upcoming DVD release scheduled for the end of the month, a clip from the DVD featuring Bruce Campbell's character 'Fugax' is available to watch. Even though Bruce is animated, he is still damn funny and has a major role in the film. You can CLICK HERE to view the clip of Bruce. The Ant Bully comes out on DVD November 28th.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

'The Film Snob's Dictionary'

Slow news day today. There is a positive review that came out today by GreenCine which talks about a book called The Film Snob's Dictionary, which came out in earlier in the year, and Bruce Campbell is featured in the book. Here is a synopsis below:

"While it is unlikely that the casual reader would make their way through this "essential lexicon of filmological knowledge" from cover-to-cover, practically anyone would benefit immensely from such immersion. In fact, motion picture neophytes could pass as long-time cinephiles with careful study of these 114 refined pages. From renowned film critic James Agee to the legendary Z Channel, with entries on Bruce Campbell, Henry Jaglom, Guy Maddin, Thelma Schoonmaker and Apichatpong Weerasethakul (all interviewed on this site) along the way, The Film Snob's Dictionary goes where few texts have successfully gone before - into the deep terrain of essential cinema with a sense of humor intact."

You can click here for the full article.

Friday, November 10, 2006

'Bubba Nosferatu' To Shoot In May 2007

Bruce Campbell was scheduled to appear at the Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors convention in Bubank on the weekend of May 18th-20th, 2007, but has cancelled his appearence. The reason for his cancellation is because he will be filming Bubba Nosferatu: Curse Of The She Vampires during that month. So both good news and bad news for Bruce fans. The good news is that we have a finalized time period for production on Bubba Nosferatu but its bad news for Bruce fans who planned to attented that convention. You can see the rest of the guests at the convention here.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

New 'Spider-Man 3' Trailer Online Today

Tonight at 10pm ET, the new Spider-Man 3 trailer will go online on numerous websites and television channels. It will be 2 and a half minutes long and hopefully we will see Bruce in the trailer (probably not though), but the preview should be great. You can catch the trailer at Ifilm when it launches, they have a countdown that displays the time left until the trailers launch. If it is passed 10pm Eastern Time when you reading this, Click Here to view the trailer.

Note: I posted another story right under this one.

'Jack of all Trades' Episodes Taken Off Of Youtube

For those of you who have been catching up on Jack of all Trades on You Tube, your out of luck. I know some regulars to the site like Evil Flip are dissapointed in knowing that You Tube has taken the episodes off of their server because of "terms of use violations". I really feel bad for the guy who took all that time to upload the episodes. So I guess this will force you region 2-ers to buy the DVD off of Amazon along with a multi-region DVD player.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

'My Name Is Bruce' Writer Penning 'The Evil Dead' Comic

So Mark Verheiden, who wrote the future Bruce Campbell masterpiece My Name Is Bruce, has been tapped to write comic book adaptation of The Evil Dead. This comic book version is more than just a retelling of what we already know but will go into the back story of our man Ash. Here is a description of the project from Verheiden:

"With the blessing of the Raimi/Tapert/Campbell crew, I'm writing an enhanced, 88 page (4 issue) adaptation of the first movie. Since I don't think anyone's all that interested in a beat-for-beat adaptation (if you want to see the movie, you can buy/rent it), the point here is to expand on the original film and give a little more background on Ashleigh, Scotty and the ladies, and explore the world between the narrative cracks in the movie itself. All this is told from the POV of Ash as he looks back on his experience, giving the, umm, "adventure" his own unique spin."

The 4 part series comes out sometime in 2007. You can catch the full post by Verheiden here.

Note: I posted 2 other stories for today right under this one.

Watch The First Minute Of 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' The Movie

So they are making a movie about those colorful fast food items who are superheroes and Bruce lends his voice, in what is presumed as a major role, in the film. The AdultSwim website is previewing the first minute of the movie and can be viewed by Clicking Here. Sadly, Bruce is not in the clip, but watch the video if you have no clue what the Aqua Teen Hunger Force is because you will end up watching it for Bruce. Bruce plays a Chicken Nugget in the movie. The film is slated to for release sometime in 2007.

Bruce Campbell Gets Spoofed is a satire news site (fictional) and has just spoofed Bruce in their latest cover story. The fictional report involves 'B' movie star Bruce Campbell being responsible for numerous murders in Hollywood, with the victims including Michael Bay and Ashton Kutcher. Here is an exceprt:

"In the most shocking spat of bloodshed to hit "Tinseltown" since Mickey Rourke's last plastic surgery, dozens of prominent Hollywood players have been savagely murdered in the past week. The list of victims includes director Michael Bay ("Armageddon," "Pearl Harbor"), countless studio executives whose names are recognized by no one, and Demi Moore's boyfriend Ashton Kutcher. Incredibly, investigations by police have led them to the doorstep of a critically-acclaimed film actor.

Bruce Campbell, 46, was interviewed on Thursday by the LAPD under suspicion of multiple homicides. Campbell, best known for his starring role in Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead" trilogy, did not deny his involvement in the murders, but rather defended them as part of his "uncompromising" campaign to improve the quality of Hollywood films."

So it is a pretty funny read. Remember, nothing in the report ever happened (yet) and I hope no one reads this article and thinks Bruce killed Ashton Kutcher. I think the premise in the report would be good for Bruce's next book, about him murdering men from Hollywood that bring us crap in the form of movies. You can read the full article here.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

'My Name Is Bruce Update'

Mark Verheiden, the writer of My Name Is Bruce, has posted on his blog the following update regarding the film. Here is the post:

"I've just seen Bruce Campbell's director's assembly of MY NAME IS BRUCE, and while this is obviously biased, I'll just say it -- there are some gut-bustingly funny scenes in this baby. If you're a fan of Bruce's, umm, more "manic" style in the EVIL DEAD movies, you're gonna be in hog heaven. There is one crazy take of Bruce simply trying to get a door unlocked that had me falling out of my chair... it's great to finally see the madness come together! Post production continues and we're still looking at a theatrical release for 2007, so keep watching your multiplex!".

So, the most important thing to take out of that is that Dark Horse is looking at a theatrical release for sometime in 2007. It's going to be a big year for Bruce. Verheiden also goes onto say
"so keep watching your multiplex", so I will assume that Dark Horse wants to see My Name Is Bruce in the mainstream theatres and not the Indy theatres. Click Here to read the original post.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Pictures and Wrap Up From Bruce's Appearence At The 'Evil Dead Musical' On November 2nd.

The Bruce Campbell Live- Journal page had a blogger post his findings at the Bruce Campbell showing of The Evil Dead Musical which Bruce had a Q&A session following the show. I heard that cameras and photos were banned during the Q&A but the poster managed to get a few pictures and a quick video of Bruce. If you CLICK HERE you can view a clip of the footage from the Q&A in which Bruce discusses with a fan how Congo came about, it is very entertaining. Haven't got any real specifics asked from the Q&A since video was supposed to be banned (but a 1 minute clip did get sneaked out), but Macenstien has posted on his site that he asked Bruce if he owned a Mac or a PC in which Bruce replied, "I own a very virus prone dell". I'll have more posted as it comes. You can Click Here to view the pictures from from the event courtesty of The Bruce Campbell Live- Journal page and you can can Click Here to read MacEntein's question to Bruce.


So here are some more videos that have emerged from the Q&A session, enjoy. Video 1 (About Brisco being cancelled), Video 2 (About if Brisco is coming back), Video 3 (Bruce singing), Video 4 (Bubba Nosferatu), Video 5 (Working with Sam Raimi), Video 6 (Freddy vs Jason vs Ash), Video 7 (Congo), Video 8 (Little Monkey), Video 9 (How Bruce met Sam Raimi), Video 10 (Bruce dancing), Video 11 (Bruce dancing some more), Video 12 (PG-13 movies), and Video 13 (Any new books?)

Forgive me for not posting on Saturday and Sunday

Friday, November 03, 2006

Picture Of Bruce At Last Nights Showing Of 'The Evil Dead Musical' has got the first pic of Bruce at yesterday's showing of The Evil Dead Musical which Bruce attended. On the right is Ryan Ward, the man who fills Bruce's shoes as Ash in the play. Ward does have a pretty big chin, but Bruce's chin kills anyone else's. Great picture though. I have no transcript of the Q&A yet, but I will keep you posted. You can check out the full post of the source of the picture here. You can click on the picture to make it bigger.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Entertainment Weekly Says 'Jack Of All Trades' Was A Ripple Effect Of Baywatch

So there is an excellent, and long, read of Entertainment Weekly's article on Baywatch and how it spawned great 90's syndicated television like Xena, Hercules, and even Jack of all Trades (although JOAT didn't start in the 90's). Now first run Syndication is dead, which sucks, but they go onto mention the ripple effect that Baywatch had on Jack of all Trades. Bruce Campbell also gets a mention in the article, here is the excerpt:

"Had it not been for Baywatch, we would never have had Bruce Campbell running around like a lunatic called the ''Dragoon'' in Jack of All Trades. Had it not been for Baywatch, there would have never been Cleopatra 2525, which featured an exotic dancer cryogenically frozen and thawed out 500 years in the future, and yes, you just read that last sentence correctly".

You can read the full article here.

Note: Make sure to read the article right under this one. This was also posted today. Its great news.

The Greatest Crossover Of All Time Coming

So in the comic book universe anything can happen. Marvel and Dynamite Entertainment are teaming up to bring everyone a crossover of the successful Marvel Zombies series with the Army of Darkness comic books. For those of you not familiar with the Marvel Zombies series, it takes place in an alternate Marvel 'verse where all the super heroes and super villans have become flesh eating zombies. In the 5 part series, Marvel Zombies vs. The Army of Darkness, the likes of Wolverine, Cyclops, Beast, and others battle Ashley J. Williams himself. This is pretty amazing, I wonder what Bruce would have to say about him battling Wolverine or possibly Spider-Man for that matter. Now he can brag about beating ol'Spidey too. Click Here to read the full breifing. You can click on the picture to see Ash and some of the Marvel Zombies. The series drops in 2007.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Creator Of 'Jack Of All Trades' Returns To TV Tonight

So it's not what you would expect. The guy who created Jack of all Trades (the great show that starred Bruce Campbell) was a guy named Eric Morris. Morris now works as a state transportation consultant and tonight he will be a contestant on the game show premiering on Fox. The show is called The Rich List. Here is the set up for the show:

"In THE RICH LIST, total strangers are thrown together to form two teams of two who compete against each other by filling in missing answers on a particular list. The topics range widely, with subjects like films directed by Steven Spielberg, hit singles by ABBA or states with a coastline. Contestants bid upwards against each other while predicting how many answers on a particular subject they will be able to list. If a team fails to list as many answers as they predicted, the other team wins the round."

Tune in on Fox 9/8c, to see the genius behind the failure that was Jack Of All Trades. You can click here to find out more information about the show. You can click here to find the source of the information.
Note: One more article for today, right under this one, recapping the cast of The Evil Dead Musical on The View.

Recap Of 'The Evil Dead Musical' On The View

In case you missed it, the cast of The Evil Dead Musical was on The View yesterday and its getting rave reviews by even by The View. Here is the textual recap courtesy of the ABC website:

"The cast of the off-Broadway musical comedy, Evil Dead The Musical, brought down the palace with a command performance. Everyone in today's studio audience picked up tickets to see Evil Dead The Musical at New World Stages. For theatre and ticket info, please visit"

The producers of The Evil Dead musical shouldn't have any problems selling out the shows anytime soon, since The View gave away tickets to the musical for the whole audience. You can check out the full recap for todays show here. Remember, Bruce is going to tommorow's and Thursday's showing of the play.