Monday, June 25, 2007

A Day in the Life with Horror Legend Bruce Campbell

Here's a cool interview I found at, which is actually a featurette from the dvd Fangoria Blood Drive II: America's Best Short Horror Films. It's a bit out of date, but still entertaining. Walking through his lavender farm BC talks about 15 minutes on his movies, books, cats, Steven Seagal, missiles and boobs.

Monday, June 18, 2007

BC-online Update

BruceCampbell online has been updated to give us another heads-up on Burn Notice. We also learn a bit more about BCs character Sam Axe:

"USA Network has a fancy new spy-turned-one-man-A-team premiering this month called Burn Notice, starring that dude from Touching Evil, that chick from Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead, and that guy from Sundown: A Vampire in Retreat.

Bruce plays Sam Axe, a Jimmy-Buffet-shirt-wearing former special ops warrior who has devoted his post-conflict years to drinking as many and having as much sex on the beach as possible.

Burn Notice starts June 28th at 10PM on USA and is so far scheduled for 13 episodes. We're all very excited and trust that both of the people who routinely visit Bruce Campbell Online will watch, TiVo, iTune, or Joost every episode (people who own Zunes are not allowed to watch).

USA Network's Page
Click Here to See a Video Interview with Bruce"

Ps, read on for a second post with some less pleasant BC news.

Bruce not in Bubba-Nosferatu???

Ain't it posted a letter from a BC fan who went to the CineVegas Film Festival screening of My Name is Bruce. There was a Q&A afterwards where BC stated: "[He] is not involved in the sequel. He doesn’t know what is going on with the movie, but that he is not involved at this point."
Is this BC misleading us (like he did with the spider-man movies) or is he truly not playing the King? I, for one, can't imagine why Don Coscarelli [the Director] would get someone else to play Elvis, he has said before that he loved working with BC and wanted to make the sequel with him. Not to mention that BC was praised for his role as the King so it would be odd to choose a different actor. It's also strange that Paul Giamatti has confirmed his role as Col. Parker, so why can't Bruce?
Personally I think this is just BCs way of messing with us and he's probably telling the truth, as he's not involved 'at this point' since they're probably writing the script or doing some other post-production stuff. So he might still get on board when shooting starts.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Bruce in your home

According to Fangoria August 7 will see the release of a new Special edition of Bubba Ho-tep (pictured on the left). This will probably be the same disc as the previous release (so no extra bonus material, like the ones from the UK disc), but repackaged in this cool jacked.
And on the other side of the ocean, the Region 2 people will finally get the release of 'Man with Screaming Brain' and 'Alien Apocalypse' thanks to Anchor Bay UK . This seems to be a double feature including both movies (either on one disc or two), due for the 27th of August.

Burn Notice

Bruce Campbell will return to television on June 28th on USA with Burn Notice, Check out this clip and a series of clips of Bruce himself talking about the show. Burn Notice

Friday, June 08, 2007

Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert's 'Devil's Trade' Online

Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert's production company, Ghosthouse Pictures, recently teamed up with FEARnet to produce a live action webseries titled Devil's Trade. Consisting of a series of short webisodes, Devil's Trade follows three teenagers who become "cursed after buying at item online". I doubt Sam is contributing creatively to project and is mostly financing the online series along with Rob Tapert. Maybe they can get Bruce to show up in the series to create a little more buzz . You can watch the first episode of Devil's Trade at the FEARnet website.

Bruce Updates His Website

Bruce updated his Official Website recently and gave everyone an update on when his upcoming film, My Name Is Bruce, will be screened at the previously reported Cinevegas film festival. Here is what Bruce's website had to say:

"My Name Is Bruce will be playing at the Brenden Theatres as part of Cinevegas on Saturday, June 9th".

So if your in the Vegas area, go check out this film. Bruce also put up, what appears to be, an image for the homecoming sign of the town in which he is destined to save in My Name Is Bruce, Gold Lick. You can go to Bruce's official site by clicking here.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bruce Campbell's 'My Name Is Bruce' Car Is Up For Sale

Much thanks to Anthony for the following. Well, an 'ebayer' has advertised Bruce Campbell's car from My Name Is Bruce on the public auctioning website Ebay. As of right now, bidding on the vehicle has closed but the item went unsold. Here is a short description of the vehicle:

"This car was used in the yet to be released film, "My Name is Bruce," written, directed, and starring Bruce Campbell. This car was used as his car. Hard to believe because it so ugly. But the script called for a "sh**y embarrassing car" to be Bruce Cambells car in this comedy lampooning the real Bruce Campbell's life. This car played as his car throughout the film and was heavily featured with him in it in three scenes. Now i would of liked to have tried to sell this to a bruce campbell fan after the movie came out. But mom is mad at me. I worked on that film shot in ashland, oregon but have since moved to new york city to work in the film industry. So now mom is trying to sell the house and its a huge eye sore. But not an eye sore for a bruce campbell groupy"

I would buy it but I don't think he delivers to Canada. I would think that the car will be going up for sale again soon considering that no one has bought it yet. You can check out the item here.

The Other One From The Super 8 Days

The one little known figure from the Super 8 days of Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce Campbell is, now author, Cheryl Klam. Klam, who recently wrote the novel "Christmas Magic", was featured in an article on Capital Online in which she talks about her recent trip to LA to meet her old pals from Michigan. Here is an excerpt from the article:

"When Mr. Raimi enrolled in college he met Mr. Tapert and they began what would become a life-long association in film. The circle of college and high school friends included those who eventually became major forces on the Hollywood scene - Scott Spigel, John Cameron, Bruce Campbell and Josh Becker."

That is her playing Cheryl Guttridge in the first Evil Dead. It was a little known secret, until now, that there was a female that made movies with Sam, Rob, and Bruce during their 'Super 8' days. You can read the full article here.