Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Source Of The Bruce Controversy, Audio Of Fangoria Interview Is Now Up

Now we've all read the excerpts of what Bruce has said about Bubba Nosferatu from the infamous Fangoria interview a few days ago, now the full audio of the interview is available by clicking here. Hearing Bruce's voice is always music to my ears because it tells me the guy is alive and kicking, but judge for yourself what you make of Bruce Campbell's comments about Bubba Nosferatu, but it is clear, for now he is not involved in the project.

Joseph Lo Duca Composing The Music For 'My Name Is Bruce'

Now during my recent hiatus My Name Is Bruce writer Mark Verhedien updated his blog and gave us some newsworthy information about the film. It's about a week old on Verheiden's blog but it hasn't been posted here yet and I wouldn't want Bruce fans to know any less than I do about the film. Verhiden tells us that Joseph LoDuca will be composing the music for My Name Is Bruce. LoDuca has composed music for Bruce projects all the way back to the Evil Dead days and also projects like Xena, Hercules, and Man With A Screaming Brain. Here is what Verheiden said about the upcoming film.

"Work continues apace on finishing MY NAME IS BRUCE the motion picture. Trust me, we're all itching to get 'er threaded up and throbbing inside your eager brain-pans. I've heard some of composer Joe (EVIL DEAD 2) DeLuca's soundtrack music, and it's pitch perfect. The terrifying Guan-Di monster is getting more monsterous by the day and the sound more soundariffic, but like fine wine, MNIB will not be released before its time. This is not because of any second thoughts, and in fact we (Bruce Campbell, Dark Horse honcho Mike Richardson and moi) are still gathering to palaver over a sequel. Nope. This post production stuff just takes time..."

Verheiden did spell LoDuca's last name wrong. You can read the original post here.

The Kitschy King of Schlock and Awe

The Globe and Mail in Canada had an extensive article on Bruce Campbell in todays paper. The article doesn't really give us any more news on what Bruce is doing these days other than Burn Notice but Bruce does talk about why he thinks The Evil Dead Musical has Canadian origins:

"Canadians in general, I've found, love humour," he says. "They love stuff that's over the top, so it made sense that it came from here. They're pretty jolly folks, the Canadians"

The article talks about how The Evil Dead Musical will be going overseas to locations including Korea, Germany, and Japan.

The Globe and Mail is a major national newspaper here in Canada and it's nice to see a Bruce centered article in their paper. You can read the full article here.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Movie Clerks Wants To See Bruce In 'War Monkeys'

Dark Horse Indie, the same company that is producing My Name Is Bruce, has greenlit a project called War Monkeys and Movie Clerks suggests that Bruce Campbell would make the movie a "classic" if Bruce was in the project. Here is what the story is about:

"The story follows a janitor who, during a Christmas holiday, gets trapped in an underground research facility with military-trained Rhesus monkeys"

I think everyone can see Bruce playing the janitor. This is all wishful thinking on the part of Movie Clerks and it seems that Bruce's name is requested by fans for nearly all indie sci-fi movie these days. But it is a possibility that Bruce might land a role in the film considering that Mike Richardson is executive producing this as well. You can read the full story here.

No Time To Burn This Week

As Cinemablend states:

"It looks like USA is airing the U.S. Open on Thursday night so there’s no new episode of Burn Notice this week."

Looks like Burn Notice will be back on September 13th and potentially will be wrapping up with the season finale on September 20th since USA Network only does half seasons. If you are waiting for the show to come out on DVD, don't expect it to come out until a few weeks before season two starts next June.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bruce Campbell Parts Ways With Coscarelli, Turns Down 'Bubba Nosferatu'.

Fangoria said it best, "Bruce Campbell dropped a bombshell" on its listeners of Fangoria radio today by turning down Bubba Nosferatu, the sequel to the cult classic Bubba Ho-Tep. Here is an excerpt from Bruce regarding the project:

"Bubba Nosferatu is dead to me. It sleeps with the fishes. Don Coscarelli is a very passionate filmmaker. We got to a few points [developing the screenplay] that we couldn’t reconcile. I want to keep our friendship, so we parted ways. So I’m not part of that project."

As far as Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash is concerned, Bruce had this to say:

It blows! You really think Ash would be allowed to kill Freddy and Jason off? We [including EVIL DEAD creator Sam Raimi] didn’t have any control on the project, New Line did, so there was no reason to do it"

Bruce becomes pessimistic when he talks about doing another Evil Dead film:

Raimi still talks about it, but he’s in no rush to do it with everything else he has going on. Sam jokes, ‘Maybe we can do another EVIL DEAD when we’re 70"

Bruce also goes onto talk about the failures of Alien Apocalypse and Man with a Screaming Brain, Burn Notice picked up for a second season, and that his publisher wants him to write a third book. The full interview can be found here.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Bc not so sure about Elvis

According to Paul Giamatti BC isn't sure yet if he wants to pick up the sunglasses again:
“Bruce Campbell was waffling around about whether he wants to play Elvis or not again. So that’s the problem,” said Giamatti. “You gotta have Elvis and you really want him playing Elvis, so hopefully we can get him to do it. If not, I’m sure they will try and find somebody else but I think it’s contingent on whether he’ll do it or not. It’s a great script, a completely insane script. I would love to do that because I love [Bubba Ho-Tep]. It’s a great movie.”

So we're blessed with the great Giamatti, who truely loves the movie:
"I would really like to do that," Giamatti revealed. "Did you ever see Bubba Ho-Tep? Great movie. And that director [Don Coscarelli], I love that guy's movies. All the Phantasm movies and stuff. But we are trying to do it."

Now come on Bruce it's time for some 'A-C-T-I-O-N' or somebody else will be 'lubing the Kings crankshaft'.

source: Rotten Tomatoes

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Freddy vs Jason vs Ash goes to paper

Pooh, I guess vacation time is over.
ok this is not really BC news but it's Bruce related (and better then no news at all). Anyhow, a while ago (more like a few years) there were rumours that our beloved Ash would feature in the sequel to Freddy VS Jason and even a treatement was written. Though Sam pulled the plug, saying he wanted to keep Ash for himself (thank god). But now the treatment will be released as a comic book. Personally I hope it will be better then those comics Dynamite is releasing lately (only Ash VS Marvel Zombies is worth it really). more news at Fangoria and Bloody Disgusting and the treatment can be found here

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bruce news

Check out this link. Mark Verheiden talks about an October release date while INDB still is listing a September release.