Saturday, August 16, 2008

BC talks ED4

Go to Mtv to read an interview with BC where he talks about ED4 and the inclusion of a younger sidekick:

“I think the audience would be insulted if you did, because then you feel this obvious pressure to appeal,” he said. “The beauty of the ‘Evil Dead’ movies is that you’re only appealing to one demographic and that’s people who like horror movies. And you just have to please them. You don’t have to appeal to the studio. You’re already pleasing them by giving them part 4.”

Well I can truly say that this is looking better and better (though it's not hard to be less disappointing then Indy4 or Die Hard4 I guess).

Go here and here where Raimi talks about ED4.

Here's an interview with BC, it's basically about BurnNotice but he says this about Bubba Nosferatu:

"Well, it’s a bit of a tease but I must say that the truth of the matter is I couldn’t come to an agreement with the filmmaker about what type of film we wanted to make so we felt it was best, rather than jeopardize what I consider to be a good friendship, we let it go. So it fell apart and I don’t think it’ll come back together again."

and if you go to Shock till you drop you'll see a new poster for MNIB (though it looks like a bad photoshop really).

ok I guess that's most of what's happening lately (don't forget the post under this one), we really need to find a way to keep this blog alive (if it is actually still alive), though I don't have full control (Deckle has). So make yourself heared, if it's worth it to find a good way to keep the BC info comming.

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Evil Flip

ps. better start saving your money, cos the coming of EvilDead4 is obviously going to lead to more EvilDead/ArmyofDarkness DVD double-dip editions :S

Back from the Dead-ish

Ok it's been a while. I for one have been busy with school and working on other websites. but it's seems people still visit this site. I guess it's maybe an idea to do a restart with this blog or maybe go elsewhere, not to mention expand the community, so that everybody can add BC info. so if anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears. Anyway I haven't heard anything from Deckle either so maybe he's out, I dunno.

ok now for some things we missed; an update on bruce. well the things I have found over the last few months were that 'Vacation' is still being made and WITH BC according to this interview:

" As of a few weeks ago, all the funds are there to make it on a low budget, no frills level. But the main producer is currently producing something else that doesn’t get out for a month or so, and Bruce Campbell is not actually acting but he has a producer credit on the big budget Hollywood remake of The Evil Dead. I’ve spoken to him and I know he’s up for it, but I know that this is insignificant money-wise compared to the Evil Dead remake, which will steamroller us if we get in the way. It’s basically a question of juggling our dates to survive."

The thing is that, according to a friend of mine whose been to the San Diego ComicCon, the Evil Dead remake has been dropped (Groovy) in favour of [hold on to your butts...] EVIL DEAD 4. Sorry I don't have a link to prove it, but I trust my friend and according to him Raimi said this himself and not as a reaction to some annoying fan.

Some other stuff that came online was the first ten minutes of My name is Bruce

OK that's it for now. I'll have a look for some more tidbits tonight.

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