Thursday, August 31, 2006

'My Name Is Bruce' Writer Mark Verheiden Reveals His Inspiration For The Film

Bruce Campbell fans should take refuge in knowing that an accomplished story teller wrote My Name Is Bruce. Best known in the film industry for his work on writing The Mask and Timecop, two huge blockbusters, Mark Verheiden has written everything from comic books to novels. Verheiden's credentials include over a dozen episodes of Smallville and the critically acclaimed Battlestar Galactica which he presently writes for. Verheiden has posted on his blog about his inspiration for My Name Is Bruce and revealed the following,

"First, a little on MY NAME IS BRUCE. That particular feature project was hatched from my filthy mind in the Fall of 2004, after I'd been inspired by the nine-issue run of THE ADVENTURES OF ALAN LADD comic book. I'm sure some of you are thinking, "come on, Mark, THE ADVENTURES OF ALAN LADD? Do we look that gullible?" But there really was an ALAN LADD series, honest, published by DC Comics back in 1949/50. And it really is worth seeking out. In the first few issues, the actor Alan Ladd finds himself embroiled in various adventures, like being kidnaped by pirates. The key panel, the one that really got me thinking, was one where a pirate, forcing Ladd to shovel coal into the boiler of a steam ship, cackles about his prize. "Ah haaa, look at the great Alan Ladd now!" Something about the gestalt of that moment really struck a chord.

I've also been a fan of Bruce Campbell's since EVIL DEAD 2, which I (honestly) consider one of the great movies of the 1980's. I've been lucky enough to actually work with Bruce on a project (an episode of the late, mostly unlamented TIMECOP series I did for ABC back in '97), and ever since I've been scheming to find a way to do a movie with him. Enter my friend Mike Richardson, who also knew Bruce, and who also happens to own Dark Horse Entertainment. When he told me he'd lined up financing for some lower-budget features, I pitched him my BRUCE idea. What if Mr. C were kidnapped by some small town folks who mistook him from the hero from the EVIL DEAD movie? And when he actually does battle with some demonic force, he's hopelessly incompetent? And why is this blog suddenly like a Donald Rumsfeld monologue?

Needless to say, Mike responded to the idea, and so did Bruce. We had a story meeting in late 2005 to go over the plot, then I went to work crafting a screenplay designed to capture the essence of Campbelliana. Mucho toil later, voila! MY NAME IS BRUCE went before the cameras in August of 2006, and the world is a much better place for it!"

Maybe we will see Bruce show up in Battlestar Galactica this upcoming season. David Eick is an Exectutive Producer of the show and was also an Executive Producer of Xena and Hercules (Bruce played Autolycus in over a dozen episodes) and Lucy Lawless (starred as Xena) is part of the full time cast of Galactica this year and is married to Bruce's good friend Robert Tapert (Him, Sam Raimi, and Bruce were part of the Trinity that was The Evil Dead). Obviously this is all wishful thinking, but My Name Is Bruce is reality and it will be screened sometime next year.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bruce Campbell Originally Cast As The Lead In 'Snakes On A Plane'

I didn't find out until today, but according to Aint It Cool News, our man Bruce Campbell was orignally set to star in Snakes On A Plane instead of Samuel L. Jackson. I guess the movie was in development for a few years and it was originally developed for Bruce and I'm not sure what happend after that. I wish Bruce would have starred in Snakes On A Plane because it was a massively promoted big budget movie and Bruce would have got the attention that he deserves. Looks like Snakes On A Plane goes up their with The Phanton and Congo for the big budget movies that Bruce almost starred in. Don't stress out over hearing Bruce lost another starring role because we got My Name Is Bruce coming, and hopefully would get some sort of theatrical release for that.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Darkman Vs. Army Of Darkness #2, Army Of Darkness #13

Thought you would never see the day when Ash fights Darkman. For those of you who didn't know before, Dynamite Comics has been releasing Army of Darkness comics for a while now and they finally did a crossover with Darkman not too long ago. Essentially Bruce has played both characters, Ash from all of the Evil Dead movies, and Darkman when he played him at the end of the first film. Dynamite has released the covers (#1, #2) for issue #2 for Darkman Vs. Army Of Darkness which will hit stands in September. The synopsis for the issue goes as follows, "In issue #2, Ash and Darkman fight against the hordes of undead taking control of the city. The Only problem? The Deadqueen's ready to taken them both on -- and take them both down!". Also, Dynamite comics have released the cover for issue #13 for Army of Darkness: The Death Of Ashley J. Williams which will hit newstands in October. The synopsis for this issue goes as follows, "Holy, crap - Ashmageddon is here! The Deadites have tormented him since the cradle and now thanks to the return of the Dead Queen and her possessed corporate Arthurian minions, they've ushered him right to the grave. What the hell? Ash Williams is dead? Run to the light, to the light! Don't miss out on the most unexpected issue of Army of Darkness as the Deadites finally get their pound of Ash. And with Ash out of the way...the Deadites will play". So Bruce lives not just on screen, but off screen as well.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Another 'My Name Is Bruce' Photo Leaked

Bruce talked to Fangoria the other day and leaked another photo from My Name Is Bruce (Click On The Picture To Make It Bigger). We showed the leaked picture of Ted Raimi as playing the guardian of the 'Chinese God Of War', and it looks like (I could be wrong) that this picture that is leaked is the 'Chinese God Of War' himself. Bruce said he will be looking at a "rough assembly" of My Name Is Bruce tommorow and that he will continue to leak pictures through the year to build internet buzz. And straight from the horse's mouth, Bruce says that My Name Is Bruce will be ready for viewing "Febuary-ish 2007" and not Fall 2007 which was reported by a local Oregon news site yesterday.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bruce Campbell Hopes To Screen "My Name Is Bruce" In April At The Ashland Film Festival

An article from a local NBC affiliate in Oregon talks about how My Name Is Bruce is having a positive impact on the community of Rogue Valley's economy. The article quotes Bruce Campbell for saying that he advocates making movies locally in Oregon because productions costs inject money into the local economy by paying for caterers, hotels, and other necessities. The end of the article sheds light on a release date for My Name Is Bruce, which previously we have been only been able to speculate on, and suggests that the film will be released nationwide Fall 2007. Judging by Bruce's comments at the Comic-Con interview a few weeks back, he is gonna have trouble selling My Name Is Bruce to a distributor so its up in the air if My Name Is Bruce will get a nationwide release like the article says or go direct to DVD. Lets hope we get a nationwide release. The article is sure one thing and thats Bruce wants to have post production done on My Name Is Bruce so it is able to be screened at the Ashland Independant Film Festival in April of next year. The Ashland Independant Film Festival is a film festival that takes place at the Varsity Theatre in Ashland Oregon which screens independant films at its annual gala. I hope the articles sources are credible and that we get a nationwide release for the film.

Bruce Being Challenged For 'Geek God' Title

The Houston Chronicle put out an article yesterday that narrows down the 'Geek Movie God' to two people, Sameul L. Jackson and Bruce Campbell. With the recent buzz of Snakes On A Plane, Bruce Campbell's name is popping up like crazy on every article on the internet relating to the movie. The article ticked me off when they took a shot at Bruce and said, "When Jackson appears in straight-to-DVD clag, it feels like he could be doing something better but doesn't want to. When we see Campbell in a similar dud, it feels like he's lucky to even be there." I, and many Bruce fans will take offense to that. The article favors the mainstream and thus Sam Jackson and at the end they do a geek death match to see who would win in a fight between Jackson and our man Bruce. And for the record, Bruce can kick Sam Jackson's ass anyday.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Damn You Salesman...Anchor Bay Prepares The Release Of Another 'Evil Dead' Special Edition DVD

The king of screwing fans over is at it again, Anchor Bay is set to release another edition of The Evil Dead on DVD next spring. According to Cinescape, 'The Ladies of The Evil Dead" (Ellen Sandwiess, Sarah York, and Betsy Baker) have chronicled their journeys to conventions into a documentay and are set to show the footage on another edition of The Evil Dead. No word yet if the DVD will be another edition of the first or second film but we will soon find out. Fans really hope its a trilogy of the 3 that they wont hate. Over the years Anchor Bay has screwed fans over by releasing DVD's of the 3 Evil Dead films into new editions with more bonus material with every new edition. This way of business forces the fans that bought the bare bones editions of the movies with no special features to contemplate buying the newer editions with bonus materials which is not cost effective. Above I have visually transcribed the progression of The Evil Dead Trilogy on DVD in chronological order and it shows you how Anchor Bay is really milking in the cash (Click on the image for a bigger picture). Imagine how many editions they will make once The Evil Dead Remake is DVD bound. (after its theatrical release of course).

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Joseph LoDuca Reminisces About His Music Career And Projects With Bruce

For those of you who don't know who Joseph LoDuca is, he is the guy that virtually composes the musical score for most of Bruce Campbell's projects. He helped raise money with Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce back in the day for The Evil Dead and has come full circle with a great interview for Aint It Cool News which you should all check out. LoDuca talks Bruce mostly The Evil Dead and Army Of Darkness in the interview. LoDuca has composed scores for The Evil Dead, The Evil Dead 2, Army Of Darkness, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess, and Jack of all Trades (just to name a few) which Bruce all appeared in. LoDuca used to get nominated for Emmy's year after year during his Xena and Herc days. LoDuca got Jack of all Trades its little known Emmy nod for best theme music.

Giamatti Talks 'Bubba Nosferatu'

Paul Giamatti did an interview with the Houston Chronicle the other day about his upcoming roles and he sat down to say a few words about the rumors of Bubba Nosferatu and working with Bruce Campbell. Giamatti says that he "hopes to make Bubba Nosferatu, a prequel to the horror comedy Bubby Ho-Tep". Giamatti also says that "I'm one of those culty, geeky guys who loves Bruce, who was fantastic in Bubba Ho-Tep" and goes on to mention that he would be happy to take a supporting role to Bruce as Colonel Parker in the film. Bubba Nosferatu should be starting production sometime early next year.

Monday, August 21, 2006

'My Name Is Bruce' Wraps Up Production

Finally we get some news from the man himself about My Name Is Bruce. So we didn't get Evil Dead 4 but this might be the next best thing. Yesterday, we broke news of the leaked photo of Ted Raimi and up until that point, Ted was the only person we knew that was starring in this movie besides Bruce Campbell. Fans have now got word from Bruce that a bunch of familiar faces from Bruce's resume of movies will be making an appearence in this movie including Ellen Sandweiss (Evil Dead), Danny Hicks (Evil Dead 2), and Tim Quill (Strykers War, Army Of Darkness) just to name a few. No word yet if Sam Raimi (Spider-man) will be making an appearence in the film. Bruce has said that My Name Is Bruce is "in the can", confirming that the movie is done filming and is in post-production.

'Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way -- Directors Cut' Details

We reported a few weeks ago that Bruce's re-release of his book Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way was due on August 22nd, and its no suprise that a few days before the release date Bruce's website is back online to give us some details on the release. Our speculations from a few weeks ago were correct in that they would add some more material to the paperback version just like Bruce did with If Chins Could Kill, but we never know how much material would be added until now. According to Bruce, the paperback version is being headlined as 'The Directors Cut' and 3 new chapters and a prologue have been added. For those of you who are irritated that you have to spend some more money to get a better version of the same book, dont worry because Amazon has it listed for only $9.99, so the prices shouldn't be too high in your retail book stores.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

First Photo Of "My Name Is Bruce Leaked"

AICN somehow got a photo leaked of Ted Raimi out from My Name Is Bruce. He looks totally nothing like 'Joxer The Mighty'. As reported earlier, Ted Raimi (Sam Raimi's little brother) will be playing an aging chinese man in the film. Ted Raimi's character is called'Wing', who is the guardian of the Chinese God of War, and will play the antagonist to Bruce Campbell in the film. The shot of Ted Raimi looks great. Judging by the quality of Ted's appearence, it looks like Darkhorse is really pushing for this film to get a theatrical release and not straight to DVD. Click on the picture if you want to see it a little bigger. For those of you who have been in hiding for the past few months, Bruce is directing and starring in a film called My Name Is Bruce in which he plays himself and is called upon by a small town, who thinks he really kills demons in real life, to battle the evil forces that lurk the earth.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Make Nathan Fillion The Star Of "The Evil Dead"

I got an overwhelming response last week when I posted that Nathan Fillion would be the next Bruce Campbell. The responses were both negative and positive but one thing remained consistent, no one was opposed to seeing Fillion as the lead in the new Evil Dead being remade by Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce Campbell. We all know that the character of 'Ash' won't be in the remake but their will be a similar lead in the film, fans suggest it should be Fillion. Well this is your chance for all you 'Browncoats' (Firefly versions of Trekkies), flood the emails to Ghosthouse Pictures. Ghosthouse Pictures is Sam Raimi's and Rob Tapert's production company that will be prouducing the remake. Email, and tell them who you want to star in it. I know writing an email doesn't make a profound impact as writing a letter, but someone is reading those e-mails. Title the e-mails to Rob Tapert (the husband of Lucy Lawless) and lets 'aim to misbehave'.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Critically Acclaimed Bruce Movie, "Going Back" Comes To DVD This Fall

Thanks to the anonymous tipster who gaves us the info. Bruce did a movie back in 1983 which garnered rave reviews by the Detroit news who called it "A deep and moving impression". Going Back was about two friends from highschool, Brice (Bruce Campbell) and Cleveland (Christoper Howe), who wander into the country side one summer to find their lives changed forever. Brice falls in love with a local town girl and Cleveland assists an elderly farmer who befriends Brice and Cleveland on their journey. Going Back was Bruce's first real crack at dramatic work, and the reviews are great for this film from two decades ago. The DVD comes out on October 17th and can be pre-ordered from No word if its going to be sold in retail stores. As for the special features, Bruce fans should be happy to know that he will be supplying the commentary for the movie along with Writer/Director Ron Teachworth and acclaimed Cinematographer John Prusak. A trailer for the film can also be found here.

Slow News Week For Bruce

Hasn't been much Bruce news of late. His site has been down for such a long time and My Name Is Bruce is still in production. Yesterday, a local Detroit newspaper interviewed Bruce Campbell about one of his old teachers who was being bought out buy the local Public School System. Bruce was mentioned in the article about the teacher and not about any future projects. The interview can be found here. Canmag and the UK's DVD Times have posted recent reviews for the Brisco DVD. I know its old news but Bruce's book comes out on paperback on the 22nd, so everyone should look out for that. I'll keep you posted if anything happends, other than that, keep watching Brisco and Jack of all Trades.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Rumor Mill: Bruce Not Playing Mysterio In Spidey 3

There's an unofficial report floating around the net claiming that Bruce is playing a waiter in Spider-man 3. There is nothing official yet and we will unlikely know the real role that Bruce will play until we see still's from the movie. For those of you who are reading this and are dissapointed that Bruce may not be playing Mysterio, this might just be a ploy by the producers and the studio to keep secret the 4th villain in the movie. If you listen to Bruce's comments from the Interview posted a few weeks back, when the interviewer asks Bruce about his name coming up as Mysterio, Bruce (in his cunning fashion) goes, "It's true that my name came up as Mysterio", referring to about an hour before when a fan asked him if he was playing Mysterio in Spidey 3 and Bruce cleverly avoids the question. When the interviewer goes "[Bruce] are you going to tell us much else", Bruce replies "Are you kiddin', its Spider-man they come and they...their foot soldiers would come and track me down". Again Bruce seems to be holding a secret back about his role. If Bruce was playing a waiter, I think he would have just told us. Keep hoping for Mysterio.

Ellen Season 4 (The Bruce Year) DVD Date

For those of you who didn't know this, Bruce joined that cast as a semi-recurring character on the old Ellen show in its 4th season. This was the old Ellen show back in the mid 90's, CBS did another Ellen show a few years ago that didn't last very long. Bruce was in about 7 episodes in Season 4, and it was his only season on that show. Bruce played Ed Billik, Ellen's Boss on the show. Ellen Season 4 hits the streets on September 26th. Some sites like Amazon and DVDempire reported that it was going to be released at the end of August, but thats not the case according to Tvshowsondvd. Bruce isn't on the cover of the set.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Next Bruce Campbell

Following in the footsteps of 'B' movie actors is not the most ideal thing to do. As Bruce does less movies and television spots over the next few years, who will be the next king of the 'B' movies. One man who has established himself more with the fans and less with the mainstream media is Nathan Fillion. Born and raised in the Alberta plains (my hometown of Edmonton), Fillion just might be the next Bruce Campbell. Although he bares little resemblence to Bruce, both physically and in his craft of acting, Fillion has a growing cult fanbase that may give Bruce a run for his money. So what established Fillion as a cult actor? Fillion is best known for his role as a gunslinging cowboy 'Malcom Reynold's' in the Sci-Fi/Western series Firefly. The role sound familiar? Bruce played a gunslinging, wise cracking cowboy in a little show called Brisco County Jr. which ironically, like Firefly, were both cancelled by FOX after a season. Firefly was later ressurected by the fans, because of DVD sales, into a feature film Serenity, which will go down as one of the greatest Sci-Fi movies of all time (lets hope Brisco's DVD sales can do the same -- unlikely though). Fillion's latest film Slither, is one which confirms his presence as a mainstay cult movie actor. Given a multi-million dollar budgent by Universal, much like Army of Darkness, Fillion starred in this horror-comedy and garnered fashionable and outstanding reviews for his role as the Sheriff in the film. The film bombed at the box-office like Army of Darkness, but like Fillion's other film Serenity, Slither will go down as a cult favorite in its genre. The dream of any Bruce Campbell fan is to see Bruce land some spots of major motion pictures, but really on the inside we like Bruce's role in the entertainment industry the way it is. Is it really a bad thing for Bruce to be doing 'B' movies. For fans of Fillion who come and read this and believe that Fillion should be destined for stardom and not 'B' movies, maybe stardom is in 'B' movies. Like Bruce Campbell, 'B' movies enabled fans to see Bruce star in his own movies as the lead role instead of some minor character in a big budget movie who has a few lines. Fillion's next movie is a sequel to the hit Michael Keaton movie White Noise, in which he will be playing the lead in the film which is most likely to go direct to video. Unlike its predecessor, White Noise 2 will be known as a 'B' movie, and I personally would like to see Fillion starring in a movie like this than playing a 30 second role in a major motion picture like Saving Private Ryan. Call me selfish, but I truly believe that not making it big will be destiny for Fillion, like it was for Bruce. With the upcoming remake of the film The Evil Dead, the film that launched Bruce Campbell, I see no other person who deserves to take right to star in that film and say "Hail To The King Baby".

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Becker Posts Some Bruce Scripts

Bruce's friend Josh Becker has posted all of his scripts of movies he has written on his website. Becker, who has directed and been involved in many things Bruce, including directing the movie Alien Apocalypse, episodes of Xena and Jack of all Trades. There are many scripts posted on the site with movies that star Bruce including Alien Apocalypse, Running Time, and Thou Shalt Not Kill Except. There is also a script posted there called The Presidents Brain Is Missing which was written for Bruce Campbell about 'a young stupid republican President' (sounds familiar). Well, check out Josh Becker's site if your interested in seeing the structure of a screenplay for you aspiring writers or if you just want to see what went wrong with Alien Apocalypse.

Bruce Makes Love To Paperback August 22nd

Bruce's latest book, Make Love The Bruce Campbell Way, paperback version will hit bookstores on August 22nd. The book chronicles a fictional story of Bruce Campbell and his adventures in an 'A' movie. When If Chins Could Kill came out in paperback, Bruce added another chapter to the book that wasnt in the hardcover of the book that chronicled his book tour for his first book. Most likely Bruce will be adding another chapter to Make Love The Bruce Campbell Way, possibly chronicling his first tour for his book. The prices for the book shouldn't be too bad, Amazon has it listed at $9.72.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bruce Kicking Book Tour Off In Syracuse

Looks like one of Bruce's first appearence to kick off his book tour for the paperback version of Make Love The Bruce Campbell Way will be in Syracuse in early September. The festivities include an autograph session, Q&A, and a showing of Army of Darkness and The Evil Dead. For more infomation on Bruce's appearence in Syracuse and information on where to buy tickets, go to http://www.bmoviefest. This Syracuse appearence is the first too be announced for the book tour. Bruce has still yet to release a schedule of his tour. So hopefully for those of us not in the New York area (includes me), can get a chance to see their hero.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Bruce's Ant Bully Drops Out Of Top 5

Bruce's animated film Ant Bully dropped to 8th place in the box office after a dissapointing opening weekend last week. The film took in an estimated $3.9 million this weekend, pushing its total to about $18.2 million for its 2 weeks. Bruce plays the scout ant 'Fugax' in the film. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (Anchorman 2 in disguise) took first spot with an estimated $47 million.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Woods Gets A New Release Date

Bruce Campbell had a supporting role in the independant film The Woods which I believe (I could be wrong) didnt get a theatrical release. According to Amazon, the film comes to DVD on October 3rd. The film is about mysterios 'going ons' that take place in the woods that surround an all girls school.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Watch Evil Dead: Regeneration

Some poor deadite did us a favor and uploaded all of the videos from Evil Dead: Regeneration which was the last Evil Dead game to come out. It is great because Bruce reprises his role as Ash and he is damn funny. There are aboout 35 youtube videos in total and they are numbered in sequential order. Click Here to go to the page. Scroll about halfway down until you see "Evil Dead: Regeneration 01 - Prologue" And you will be able to manage from there. Ted Raimi plays Ash's sidekick in the movie, so the banter between him and Bruce is great. Enjoy.

Watch Brisco For Free Online!!!!

DVD set too expensive for you? AOL IN2TV online TV allows you to watch about half a dozen Brisco episodes in full length for free. Click here to watch. Other shows included in the programming includes Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman in which Bruce was in a few episodes.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Bruce In Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Movie

Looks like their is a movie coming out based on the hit Cartoon Network series Aqua Teen Hunger Force about a bunch of fast food items who become detectives. AICN is reporting at a test screening that Bruce provides his voice and that he plays a chicken nugget in the movie. No word yet on a release date or news from Bruce about the film. Bruce recently lended his voice to another animated feature, The Ant Bully, which hit theatres last week.


News of Bruce has been slow of late but we got tons of news on Bruce. My Name Is Bruce is halfway done shooting and Bruce is still working on it. Ted Raimi (Sam's younger brother) will be playing an 'aging chinese man' and an agent in the film. Bruce has confirmed that his name came up with Mysterio in Spider-man 3 but hasn't confirmed that he is Mysterio. A paperback of Make Love The Bruce Campbell Way will be coming out in the fall and Bruce will be touring the country for a book signing. And finally the Bubba Ho-Tep prequel is for real and is supposed to get under way in production in the beginning of next year. Bruce has also confirmed that Paul Giamatti has stated that he wants to be apart of the movie. Here is the video link of the guy who asked Bruce all the right questions at the Comic-Con and gave us all the great news.

Bruce Asked About The Mysterio Rumor's At The Comic-Con

I believe this is the video from the Comic-Con not too long ago but I could be wrong. Bruce get's asked about his role in Spider-man 3 and he gives us an answer on Bruce can give. Rumor mill has it that Bruce is going to be playing Mysterio in the third movie. His constant denial of his real role in the movie justifies his prescense as Quentin Beck in the third film. Click Here To Watch.

Evil Dead: The Musical

Yes, you heard me. It's already been worked on up north in Toronto and Montreal and now its going to be performed in New York. The Director of the musical played a villian in "Once More With Feeling" musical episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. The show starts in October and will feature not only ash but all of the friends who attend the cabin. Move over Rocky Horror. If you click on the poster on the side, you can see the guy who plays Ash in the play. The play takes place during Evil Dead 1 & 2 but not Army of Darkness.

Ant Bully Performs Poorly

I guess Hollywood has diluted the material for animated features. Maybe fans have seen too much of animated movies lately. Bruce's feature "The Ant Bully" performed poorly at the Box Office this weekend making an estimated $8.43 million. Bruce does has a major part in the role. The Official "Ant Bully" website has a feature on Bruce's character in the movie. By clicking on the character Fugax, you can read the character's profile and hear a sound clip of Bruce.

Sam Raimi Producing Television Again

According to, Sam Raimi is going to be producing a mini-series based on the best selling book series "Sword of Truth" with his producing partner Joshua Donen (I thought his producing partner was Rob Tapert). We all know that whatever Sam touches on television, whether it be Hercules, Xena, Jack of all Trades, American Gothic, etc, Bruce has to make an appearence. Production starts early next year

Canadians Missing Brisco Booklets

For all you fellow Canadians out there (including me), Warner Bros. forgot to give us our booklets with our Brisco sets. You can get booklets mailed to you directly by e-mailing,, and telling them that you didn't get your booklet. You can also phone 1-888-603-8888, to claim your booklet.