Tuesday, October 31, 2006

'The View' Gets A Little Groovy

The Evil Dead Musical is getting so huge, the cast is performing on The View today, for Halloween. So everyone who isn't able to see the play live, this is the next best thing because they will be performing one of the songs on the show. In case you all aren't familiar with The View, it is the show with Barbera Walters and Rosie O'Donnell on ABC in the mornings. They might even mention Sam or Bruce's name in the show. So if you are reading this in the morning, you will still have time to set your VCR before you go to work or school, if you are reading this at night, then you missed it but I will try to get a video for it. Everyone tune in, it will be grooooooovy. Click Here for more infomation.

Note: One more article for today, right under this one. Happy Halloween.

'Evil Dead 2' Lands In The Top 10 Cult Horror Movies

Echo Online ran an article on the Top 10 Cult Horror movies of all time in the spirit of Halloween. The Evil Dead 2 was ranked 2nd behind the original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and George Romero's version of Dawn of the Dead. Here is the blurb about Bruce and The Evil Dead 2:

"Groovy. Sam Raimi sequel/remake to the 1981 cult hit is even more over the top. Ash (Bruce Campbell) takes his girlfriend Linda (Denise Bixler) to a cabin in the woods. He accidentally releases an evil force when he reads passages from the Book of the Dead. Ash ends up decapitating Linda after she becomes possessed.

In fact, this evil force ends up possessing everything in this movie. At one point, Ash's hand, after being bitten by Linda's severed head, starts smashing dinner plates over his head. Ash cuts his possessed hand off and decides to attach a chainsaw to the stump. It's funnier than "Dead Alive," and it has the best ending of the "Evil Dead" trilogy."

You can catch the full article here. Happy Halloween.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

'The Evil Dead Musical' Promotional Video For Ticket Giveaway Is Online

The promotion video is up to win free tickets to The Evil Dead Musical. It's kind of a rough compilation of rarely seen pictures from the play with a symphony playing in the background. The end of the video has information on how you can win tickets to the Bruce showing of the musical. You can check out the video here. Remember, you can still win tickets to the Bruce showing of the musical on November 2nd. I posted a little late yesterday so if you missed it, you can check out yesterdays story.

SciFi Channel Cuts A Deal To Bring More 10 More Original Movies To The Network

Sorry for the late post today, having blogger troubles. TV Squad is reporting that the Sci-Fi channel has made a deal with the production company RHI, which specializes in producing made for tv movies, for 10 more original movies for the network. TV Squad goes onto talk about how the movies made for the Sci-FI channel are:

"More often than not they are cheesy, campy if you prefer, B-Movie horror pictures. But the one saving grace they have is great casting. Case in point: Alien Apocalypse. How can you pass up anything starring Bruce Campbell and Renee O'Connor?"

So with this new deal for 10 pictures for the Sci-Fi Channel, its a good chance we might see Bruce pop up in at least one of those pictures. Lets remember, Bruce has done 3 movies for the Sci-Fi channell already and Alien Apocalypse was the highest rated TV movie in their channell's history. Either way, lets just hope we see more Bruce. You can read the full report here.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Mysterio Rumors Rise Again

The following is credited to our usual contributers Brandon and Steph, thanks as always. Okay, so I am going to put up spoiler warnings for the next bit just incase there are those hardcore movie buffs that don't want to hear anything that might interfere with their movie experience. But its not really a spoiler (if it is real), its more of just a gag in the movie that potentially involves Bruce. So turn away if you don't want to read it. The problem is that the following could be either news or complete blasfemy. Super-Hero Hype and many other genre sites have been eating up on the rumor, originating at Film Ick, suggesting the following:

"Appearing in the film itself is a short skit where a filmmaking team are making a film about Spider-Man, with me so far? On that crew are Avi Arad and Sam Raimi as producer and director - isn't that bizarre? - as well as one other cameo. Bruce Campbell will play Quentin Beck, and of course we all know who he is don't we?"

Just so everyone knows about the Spider-Man mythology, Quentin Beck is the alter ego of Mysterio and in the comics was a Hollywood FX worker, so thats why Quentin Beck is in the 'Spider-Man' movie within the movie. Now credibility is always in issue when it comes to these types of things, so take it for what you want. I put out a video a couple weeks back from Bruce in a Q&A session in which he said, "Who the fuck was Mysterio anyways...he had a fishbowl over his head", which seemed that he was either totally bashing the Mysterio rumors or was a complete genius and was decieving us into thinking he wasn't Quinten Beck in Spider-Man 3. You can read the source of the rumor here.

Note: One other news post below on winning free tickets to The Evil Dead Musical.

Win Tickets To The Bruce Campbell Showing Of 'The Evil Dead Musical'

The showing for the The Evil Dead Musical, which will be attended by Bruce Campbell, is sold out but that does not mean you still can't go. There is a contest going in which you can win free tickets to the showing which includes the Q&A session with Bruce after the show. This is a steal. The play has been getting rave reviews and Bruce himself will be there experiencing it for the first time. You can click here or the picture above for more information.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Nathan Fillion Is God or Bruce Campbell?

Salt Lake weekly had a quick blurb about Bruce today. While talking about the DVD release of the movie Slither, starring Serenity's/Firefly's Nathan Fillion, Sly Weekly said the following:

"Could a horror flick with cameos by Lloyd Kaufman, Pam from The Office and musical-theater-literate zombies suck? Hell no, as Slither—a bloody/funny buffet of B-movie camp and circumstance—proved to a dozen theatergoers in March. Nathan Fillion is God. Or Bruce Campbell."

I wrote about comparing Nathan Fillion to Bruce Campbell a while back and recieved an uproar of responses about it. Slither is a 'B' movie that got a big budget release by Universal, much like Army of Darkness, and tanked at the box office, much like Army of Darkness. The movie is simply outstanding though, its a horror comedy just like Bruce Campbell movies and Fillion delivery and style is addicting, much like Bruce. Just thought I would share that comparison with you that was made by Salt Lake Weekly. I believe that Fillion's following is similar to the cult of Bruce Campbell, but lets make no mistake, Bruce Campbell is still God. You can read the original source here.

Note: One more article under this one for today about The Evil Dead Musical.

A Musical Splatter Fest In 'Evil Dead'

The Associated Press put out a huge article about The Evil Dead Musical which was in about every newspaper, around the New York area, and it talked about how the show "could become a kind of heir to The Rocky Horror Picture Show". Bruce as always got mentioned in the article, here is an excerpt:

"Actor Bruce Campbell is a cult hero for his performance as Ash - a role that requires charm, heroism, bone-dry humor and cutting off that bedeviled appendage. But the creators have found a worthy musical replacement in Ryan Ward, who answered a flier they posted. His lanky heroics anchor the show...They won the blessing of the film's creators - including director Sam Raimi, who has gone on to helm the "Spider-Man" series - by e-mailing Campbell at his Web site. But that hasn't stopped them from taking good-natured potshots at Raimi, including complaints from one character about having "Spider-Man" as her in-flight movie."

Thats pretty neat how they got the blessing from Sam and Bruce by just e-mailing Bruce. I'm sure Sam, Bruce, and Rob Tapert will all get a cut out of the film. You can read the full article here.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

IGN Says "Bruce Campbell Would Love The Clash Of Ninjas, Monks, Samurai And Zombies"

IGN had an article today on a new comic book called Zombee in which they compare it to the style of projects that Bruce Campbell is usually involved in, specifically The Evil Dead and that the main character looks like Bruce himself. Here are a few excerpts that involve Bruce:

"Zombee is a dark horror-comedy in the style of movies like Evil Dead, combined with samurai swordplay for added appeal. It's a decent start to a series that could develop a cult following as time goes on...Bruce Campbell look-alike and loyal samurai Fumenaga has been assigned to retrieve a new toy doll for his sensei's daughter. As he embarks on his laughable quest, he discovers that the townspeople are slowly turning into crawling, decaying beings with a taste for something other than sushi and saki."

You can read the full article here.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Sorry for not getting the post up yesterday. I had a post on Sam Raimi's birthday yesterday but it never got up. I guess Bruce has either a hangover from Sam Raimi's birthday last night or he is editing My Name Is Bruce, my guess is editing My Name Is Bruce because I heard Bruce doesn't drink. So Going Back came out last week and I hope everyone got the DVD because we won't be seeing any Bruce until My Name Is Bruce comes out. Ant Bully DVD comes out next month, and I will have more posted on that as it comes. Bruce won't be on the commentary for Ant Bully but he is more than likely to be on the special features. Sorry to bore you with assumptions and quick wrapups, in the Bruce world but I rather post something about nothing than post nothing at all. I'll keep you posted daily.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Rest of 'Jack Of All Trades' Season 2 Online

Episode 6 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), Episode 7 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), and Episode 8 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) of Jack of all Trades is now online, along with all of its previous episodes. Go out and buy the DVD if you haven't already. So that rabid Bruce fan has completed uploading the complete series of Jack of all Trades. You can check out the links for all 22 episodes by looking at previous dates but I will probably post a page with all the links of all 22 episodes later on. Enjoy.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sam Raimi And Rob Tapert's 'The Messengers' Trailer Now Online

Sam Raimi and Rob "Don't call me Mr. Xena" Tapert's latest flick The Messengers has a trailer now online which can be viewed here. This is their next project from Ghosthouse and they hope to take off from the success they had with The Grudge 2. The movie is Directed by the Pang brothers, who are well known in the Hong Kong movie scene. Here is the synopsis for the film, courtesy of IMDB:

"An ominous darkness invades a seemingly serene sunflower farm in North Dakota, and the Solomon family is torn apart by suspicion, mayhem and murder".

Joseph Lo Duca also supplies the music for the film, so its a nice reunion of sorts. Lo Duca was part of the original Evil Dead project and in the 80's and 90's was Sam Raimi's go to guy as far as music was concerned. I Had no direct Bruce news today, so just given you some Sam and Rob stuff. I don't believe Ted Raimi makes a cameo in this film. Click Here to view the trailer.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Bruce Campbell And Sam Raimi Give 'The Evil Dead Musical' A Thumbs Up

Monsters and Critics had an article today on The Evil Dead Musical. Christopher Bond, who is involved in the production of the play said that:

"[Raimi and Campbell have also given the show their own thumbs' up, which is high praise for a big fan such as Bond. "I tip my hat to [Raimi]," he says. "He pioneered the horror-comedy form. I thank him for officially authorizing this show."]"

As reported a few days ago, Bruce will be attending two showings of The Evil Dead Musical, one on November 1st and one on November 2nd, which will be followed by a Q&A session. You can check out the full article on the musical by Clicking Here.

Note: I posted two other articles today along with this one. One of them is an article about 'B' movies which focuses on Bruce's contribution and the other one is on Bravo's horror special thats on tonight (Friday October 20th).

'Tongue-in-cheek B movies find cult following'

The News Sentinel has posted an article on 'B' movies and our hero Bruce Campbell on how he is quote, "known as the unofficial best B-movie actor of all time". The article goes onto mention ho Army of Darkness had "higher DVD sales and rentals" than it made at the Box Office and how "the failed movies of today that could become the B-movie fan favorites of the next generation". It's a good read because it mainly focuses on Bruce and what he has done for 'B' movies. You can check out the full article by Clicking Here.

'Even Scarier Movie Moments' Tonight On Bravo

Steph wanted to remind all you Cable junkies that Bravo will be airing a 2 part special called Even Scarier Movie Moments tonight, in which they count down the greatest moments in horror movie history. It's actually a sequel to the 2004 mini-series and will include some of The Evil Dead trilogy and some Ghosthouse flicks from Sam and Rob like The Grudge. Check your local listings as far as the time goes, its a 2 hour special that you shouldn't miss.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ted Raimi Talks 'Masters Of Horrors' and 'Spider-Man 3'

Ted Raimi has been in the news more lately than our man Bruce. So while Bruce is editing My Name Is Bruce, its been slow news for him. IGN interviewed Ted Raimi yesterday and he talked about his upcoming roles in Masters of Horror and Spider-Man 3. Since it was IGN that was doing the interview, I thought they would ask Ted about My Name Is Bruce, but it turned out not to be the case. When asked about Spider-Man 3, Ted said:

"I have seen the rough, cut and that's all I'm saying...I can tell you this: don't ask me. Because Sony executives will, I'm sure, fly direct from Tokyo to kill me if I mentioned anything about it. But I will say it's exciting, it's thrilling and it's got Toby Maguire in it again. I'm in it again. I reprise my role as Hoffman, and it's me and J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson — the irascible J. Jonah Jameson — with the buttoned-down dope of Hoffman at his side".

Ted also goes onto mention that he will be starring Showtime original series, Masters of Horror, season premiere next Friday. So if you don't know how Ted fits into the Bruce world, Bruce used to baby sit for Ted back in their Michigan days and Ted is Sam Raimi's younger brother. Ted has also co-starred with Bruce in a number of Evil Dead movies, Xena, Man With A Screaming Brain, and also the upcoming My Name Is Bruce. You can check out the full article here.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

4 More 'Jack of all Trades' Online

So Episode 2 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), Episode 3 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), Episode 4 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), and Episode 5 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) of Jack of all Trades' second season are now online. Some great stuff from these episodes. Slow news day, so I got nothing else to post. Go out and buy the DVD if you haven't already.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

'Going Back' Out Today

The DVD for Bruce's early 80's movie, Going Back, is now out. We've been talking about it here for the past two months, now go out and buy it. It will probably go down as Bruce's greatest dramatic performance (Bubba Ho-Tep doesn't count because there was action and comedy) and has come under positive criticism for seperating Bruce from his 'B' movie image. Amazon has the movie listed for $13.99 in the US, so that might give you an estimate of what the price will be at you retail stores. Here is the synopsis for the DVD, courtesy of Amazon:

"In 1964 two high school friends, Brice (Bruce Campbell) and Cleveland (Christopher Howe) leave their suburban neighborhood in Michigan to spend the summer in the countryside before going off to college. They are befriended by a lonely farmer, Jack Bodell (Perry Mallette), who offers them a place to stay. As days pass, Cleveland helps Jack around the farm and finds in him the father figure he lacks, while Brice falls in love with a local girl named Cindy. The unforgettable summer ends too soon, but the memories linger. Four years later Brice and Cleveland drive up to Jack's farm and learn that there is no going back..... In this, his dramatic debut, Bruce Campbell, who is well-known for his horror and comedy roles, shows a depth and sensitivity that compliments his wry wit. "

So go and get the movie and add it to your Bruce collection. It will be a different movie than you normall see Bruce in.

Note: I posted one more article under this one today. It is regarding Bruce's appearence at a couple of showings of The Evil Dead Musical.

Bruce Will Be Appearing At A Showing Of 'The Evil Dead Musical'

So Bruce will be appearing at showings of The Evil Dead Musical on November 1st and 2nd and will be engaging in a "Talk Back" with the audience after the show. So if you are in the area GO SEE THIS, I am sure everyone not in the New York area are envious of you guys. Not only will you get to see the Musical, but you will get to see Bruce up close and feed him some questions. You can Click Here to find out more about getting tickets for the Bruce Campbell showing and other showings of The Evil Dead Musical.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Bruce A No Show At 'The Grudge 2' Premiere

I know I should have posted this story a few days ago but late is better than never. So IESB had their pictures come in for The Grudge 2 premiere, and as I searched through them, sadly there was no Bruce. Bruce is at the Be Scared convention this weekend but the premiere was on Wednesday so Bruce had to have gotten the invite. I guess Bruce is doing his own thing these days and is busy with editing My Name Is Bruce. I can't even remember the last time I saw a picture of him and Sam Raimi together. If we ever see Bruce and Sam together, we can rekindle our hopes of those two making that little thing called Evil Dead 4. But I thought I would share this picture, courtesy of IESB of course, but its of Ted Raimi, Lucy Lawelss, and Sam Raimi. That picture is for the Xena fans out there. It been a long time since we've seen the old Joxer the Mighty and Xena side by side. The only person we are missing out of that picture is the King of Thieves himself, Bruce 'Autolycus' Campbell. Come on, Ted Raimi's facial expression is just hilarious in that picture (click on the picture to make it bigger). By the way, The Grudge 2 raked in 22 million this week to come in at number one at the box office. Also of note, Ted Raimi added his portion to the Spider-Man 3 video blog, which can be viewed here, obviously its just about his upcoming role in Spider-Man 3 and he isn't allowed to talk about My Name Is Bruce. You can view the premiere pictures for The Grudge 2 here.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bruce Campbell At The Loft Cinema -- Part 2

So we got the second part of Bruce's appearence at The Loft Cinema in Tuscon a few weeks ago. In the Q&A, a question is brought up about The Evil Dead remake and Bruce says that he will not be in it, much to the audience's distaste. Bruce also goes on to tease the audience of the movie starring Ashton Kutcher. One of the funniest parts during the Q&A was Bruce explaining the real reason why Mathew Perry went into rehab during Serving Sara. The question that got me though was when one of the audience members asked Bruce if he will ever make another TV show and Bruce says "there good for your pocket book, bad for your family". So I think thats a no considering Bruce is a family man these days. Heck, he shot My Name Is Bruce in the back of his property. Bruce also goes onto talk about Ozzie Davis, his worst movie, and if he will make another book. You can view the video by Clicking Here.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert Developing A New TV Show For The CW

When I first heard the headline, I was so excited because I thought they were going to bring that ham and cheese like Xena, Herc, and Jack of all Trades back to television, but the new show Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert (Mr. Xena) are creating and producing together is a reality show called House of Horrors. Here is the synopsis as follows from Scifiwire:

"In Horrors, competitors will try to stay "alive" in a mysterious house in which they must face their darkest fears. One by one, players are "killed off" via elaborately staged "deaths" that will mix elements of the reality and horror genres. "

So what does this have to do with Bruce? Well someone has to host the show, could it be Bruce?. House of Horrors is likely to debut next summer. You can read the full briefing here.

Note, I posted another article today which is right under this one.

Distributor Of Early Bruce Campbell Movie Says It Will Destroy His Reputation As A 'B' Movie Actor

So that same title I just wrote above was the title of the press release from eMEDIAwire but its not really what you think. By reading the title, it makes you think that the media has some secret sex tape of Bruce from the 80's or something, but its not the case. The press release is actually a positive review of Bruce for his role in Going Back and suggests when Bruce fans watch the movie, they will see "Bruce’s skill as a serious dramatic actor". So the article really talks about how Going Back will take Bruce fans on a different journey than we see usually with him. The article finally goes onto mention a reporter once said that "Campbell's version of an elder Elvis actually deserves Oscar consideration", obviously referring to Bubba Ho-Tep. You can check out the article here. Going Back comes out this Tuesday.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Tuscon Q&A Footage, Bruce Calls 'Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash' A "Jerkoff Idea"

So we got the first part of the Q&A session of Bruce at the Loft Cinema in Tuscon. The Q&A was from a book signing he did a couple weeks ago and Bruce is hilarious as always in the video. Bruce voluntarily mentions Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash and says its a "jerkoff idea" and actually goes into quite detail of the studio conflicts if the movie ever did get made. As far as Spider-Man 3 goes, someone asked Bruce if he filmed his role already and Bruce's reply was, "assuming I'm in it". During Bruce's schtick for Spider-Man 3, about how he defeated, named Spider-Man, and in the third he will team up with Spider-Man, a fan yells out "[team up] as Mysterio" and Bruce says "as Mysterio? who the fuck was he anyways...he had a fishbowl over his head", which was hilarious and got me rolling out of my chair when heard that. So we might be able to speculate, since Bruce is making fun of Mysterio, that he might not be playing him and we can finally put the nail in the coffin. Bruce also goes onto to talk about American Gothic, Bubba Nosferatu, if there will be a new Evil Dead video game, and more. You can click here to watch the video. The video quality is pretty poor but it is watchable.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

'Maniac Cop' DVD Promo Trailer, Release Date Announced

So Synapse Films, who is putting out the Maniac Cop DVD, put out a DVD Promo trailer which you can all check out here. You can see Bruce in the last chunk of the preview and he looks awsome in it. Amazon has Maniac Cop at a price of $22.49 so you might have to dig deep when it comes out. Amazon has the snyopsis for the DVD as follows:

"You have the right to remain silent. forever! Restored and re-mastered from original vault materials, Maniac Cop will blow you away with an all-new high-definition transfer and DTS surround sound! Bruce (The Evil Dead Trilogy) Campbell and Tom (Lethal Weapon) Atkins star in this action-packed cult classic!

Innocent people are brutally killed on the streets of New York by a uniformed police officer. A young cop, Jack Forrest (played by Bruce Campbell), finds himself marked as the chief suspect after his wife is murdered. As Lieutenant Frank McCrae (Tom Atkins) investigates these mysterious killings, the death toll rises and he suspects a mysterious police cover-up. This "maniac" cop must be stopped, but it might not be so easy! He isn't an ordinary man. He's inhuman. driven by supernatural forces. and ready to take on the entire police force, hell-bent on revenge!"

So the movie comes out on November 14th, mark your calendars, and add this one to your collection.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sam Raimi Compares Making Movies Like 'The Grudge 2' to Movies He Made With Bruce Campbell In The 80's

So Bruce got a small blurb in Variety today as Sam Raimi was talking about The Grudge 2. When asked about making movies now, compared to making them back in his up and coming days, Sam replied:

"It's a lot easier to make these pictures with the studio finances. When you make a movie like 'The Evil Dead' (1981), myself, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell have to be busboys, waiters and janitors just to raise the money to hire the attorney to put together the document to go out and raise the money door to door, which is usually a night of misery and no's."

I just hope he directs Bruce in a movie which our 'King' stars as the lead. You can read up on the full article hear.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bruce Will Make An Appearence At The 'Be Scared' Convention This Weekend

So Booster Events is holding their 'Be Scared' convention this weekend starting on Friday the 13th, which celebrates the horror genre in the mediums of film and television. The convention takes place at the Burbank Hilton in Burbank California and ends on the 15th. Bruce will be in attendance at the convention and will likely do some Q&A and headlines the event with Anthony Michael Hall, who has a wicked show called The Dead Zone on the USA network. Other guests include Christian Kane, Juliet Landau, and Julie Benz who are Buffy and Angel alums. So if your in the area and have the cash, go check it out, seating is limited to 500 people. Click Here for more information on the Booster Event. Looks like Bruce won't be watching The Grudge 2 this Friday.

Monday, October 09, 2006

4 More 'Jack Of All Trades' Episodes Online

Episode 12 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), Episode 13 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), Episode 14 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), of the First Season are online along with Episode 1 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) of the Second Season of Jack Of All Trades. Thats pretty much all I got for today. Go out and buy Jack Of All Trades on DVD if you haven't already.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

'Darkman Vs. Army Of Darkness' #3 and 'Army Of Darkness Vs. The Re-Animator' Comics

So Dynamite Comics has really been cashing in on the Army of Darkness comics for the past year and they have released the covers of and synopsis' for Darkman Vs. Army Of Darkness #3 and the paperback version of Army Of Darkness Vs. The Re-Animator which spanned 3 issues. Here is the synopsis for Darkman Vs. Army Of Darkness #3:

"The Deadqueen decides that Ash and Darkman are becoming a royal pain in her dead @$, so she sets out to create her own special "Army of Darkness" -- And from one particular gravesite, she calls forth the burned and battered body of Robert G. Durant. Whoo-Boy, Darkman isn't going to like that!"

So Bruce kind of plays both characters in the Darkman Vs. Army Of Darkness comic because he played Darkman as the final shemp in the first film and obviously played the lead in Army Of Darkness. Dynamic Forces also released the cover and synopsis for the paperback version of Army Of Darkness Vs. The Re-Animator which is about 112 pages and combines the first 3 issues from that crossover series. Here is the synopsis for Army Of Darkness vs. The Re-Animator:

"Ash finds himself committed to Arkham Asylum. It's here that he runs afoul of a rather ghoulish and creepy Herbert West... and the battle of the century begins".

Darkman Vs. Army Of Darkness has a scheduled release of December and the paperback version of Army Of Darkness Vs. The Re-Animator has no released date right now. You can click here to view more info on Darkman Vs. Army Of Darkness #3 and you can click here to view more information of Army Of Darkness Vs. The Re-Animator. You can also click the pictures on the side to view the covers of the two comics.

'The Ant Bully' DVD Comes Out November 28th

So Bruce was in a an animated movie this past summer called The Ant Bully. The movie bombed at the box office but I can't tell you how many reviews I read saying that "Bruce Campbell saved the movie". So everyone go out and watch this movie when the DVD comes out because Bruce has a major role in the movie. On the back of the DVD cover, they actually have Bruce's name listed in the credits along with Julia Roberts and Nicholas Cage. So listing him in the credits was really cool, because it just shows you that he had a major role in the film. He isn't listed on the credits on the front cover though. Sorry for posting late today, I hope no one is too upset. You can click here or the image to view the back cover of the DVD and see Bruce's name.

Friday, October 06, 2006

5 More 'Jack Of All Trades' Episodes Online

Episode 7 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), Episode 8 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), Episode 9 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), Episode 10 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), and Episode 11 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) of Jack of all Trades are online. Looks like the whole series will be uploaded soon by that rabid Bruce fan. I know its getting tedious to hear me say this but everyone who hasn't bought the series, go out and get it. The show is prime Bruce material and most likely the last show Bruce will ever star in. So go check out the episodes at the links above and check out earlier episodes by searching previous dates from the site. Enjoy.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Take A Look At The New Ash From 'The Evil Dead Musical'

Playbill had an article a day ago about the launch of The Evil Dead: Musical off-broadway in New York. Ryan Ward takes the place of our man Bruce but he doesn't really bare any physical resemblance to him(he needs a bigger chin), and its kind of is weird to see someone else holding the shotgun and the chainsaw other than our king. Playbill gives the synopsis as follows:

''Evil Dead: The Musical unearths the old familiar story," reveals a press release, "boy and friends take a weekend getaway at abandoned cabin, boy expects to get lucky, boy unleashes ancient evil spirit, friends turn into Candarian Demons, boy fights until dawn to survive."

I got a good laugh from the article when they revealed one the song titles for the musical was called, "Do The Necronomicon". But it all seriousness, I heard the play is good. It started up in Canada and now it worked its way down south and is directed by Christopher Bond and Tony Award winner Hinton Battle. I heard some people say that it is the new Rocky Horror Picture Show. So if your in the area or touring NYC, go check out the play. It might be the closest thing you see that represents Evil Dead 4. I wonder if Bruce will "Do The Necronomicon", it sounds like a dance similar to the Macarena. Previews for the Musical began a couple days ago, and the show officially gets under way in November. You can check out the article here. Comment what you think of Ryan Ward and if he looks like a young Bruce, I think he looks like Hugh Jackman.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

'The Woods' Out On DVD

The Woods came out on DVD yesterday so I hope everyone goes and rents the movie. It is supposed to be one of the more original horror movies this year, since everything else is prequels and sequels. Bruce takes a minor role in the movie and it feels like its been so long since we've seen him in something new, so watching this movie might be a good idea. Amazon has the movie for $16.99 so its not too much of a price to pay for all you Bruce fanatics who get all his DVD's. Bruce plays Joe Fasulo in the film, the father of the lead character. The Woods was made by the people that brought you May, which made some noise a few years back. Other than that, thats all the news for today, so go and watch The Woods.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Q&A Footage From Portland, Follow Up To Yesterday's Report

So we got some cool, but short Q&A footage from Portland. Bruce is at the top of this game. Yesterday we reported that some fans were having problems at Bruce book signings. Well, lets get the facts out there. I want to thank Brandon and Nicole who e-mailed me and the others who left comments on the blog. So pretty much what I and many others have to say is, "It's a book signing". It is called a booksigning for a reason, so if you didn't have a book, your not really there to get your book signed. I'm sure if you saw Bruce at a convention or even on the street, he would stop and pose for a picture with his fans and maybe some small chit chat. If 400 people all wanted a picture with Bruce, and if it took about 1 minute for the camera to get ready and for Bruce to pose for a picture, thats an extra 400 minutes that Bruce would be stuck at the signing. Thats 6 hours. Now obviously its not that extreme, but far from being exaggerated. Bruce takes out a huge chunk of his time to meet with fans and posing for pictures would add tons more time to his already busy workload. Bruce is driving himself across the country and Portland was his last stop of the tour. But I think the next video will show Bruce fans how good natured he is. The first video which can be viewed here, is from the Portland Q&A session a few days ago, and a fan asks Bruce "What aspired you to become the greatest actor of all time", Bruce's response is just classic so I won't ruin the video for you. The second video which can be viewed here, is also from the same Portland Q&A and Bruce goes over some questions for some fans. So, just the first video alone should put an end to the doubts about Bruce's recent persona with his fans.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Reports Of Bruce Rejecting His Fans At Book Signing's

So take these next two stories for what its worth. I questioned myself on whether or not to post these next two stories but then I thought about it, if its happening, I shouldn't hide the truth and pretend like it never happend. So I'm getting a few e-mails today from some Bruce fans who are reading about their fellow bloggers talking about their negative experiences at Bruce booksignings. Has Bruce let his fans down? Well the first article comes from from a guy named Tommy, whose blog about his Bruce book signing(or lack their of) can be viewed here, and here is an excerpt from the blog:

"It turns out that Bruce isn't exactly who I thought he'd be. I had the "pleasure" of standing about 8 feet away from his signing table as my friend took pictures. I listened to how he greeted his fans and also watched him call theater staff over several times to scold them about his "rules". As it turns out, Mr Campbell, HUGE mega-star that he is (not) did not want ANYONE who did not purchase a fifteen dollar copy of his book to even get near him. If you didn't buy a book, stay the [expletive] away from the table! A couple people that just had their books signed tried to get beside him for pictures at which time he lightly pushed them away and said "What are you doing? Uh uh. No posed pictures" and pointed to the exit with a "There's the way out. Thanks for coming"".

When I read this, I said to myself "No, this can't be Bruce". So then I quietly brushed off the blog, and then I got an email from another Bruce fan saying she read a blog about an individual having a bad experience at a Bruce book signing and that I should post the story. So here is an excerpt from the blog of an individual named Jamison, whose blog can be viewed here, and here is an excerpt from his blog:

"We'd gotten there early and got a good place in line, and me and cole were one of the first people up. Even though this was a book signing, I didn't bring the book, I already got'em signed last summer. Instead I brought my brand new Brisco County Junior Box set of DVDs. Big mistake. The staff from powells books told me I had to have the book to get something signed, and I told them I already had my books signed, which is why I didn't have them, to which they replied if I wanted something signed I'd have to go buy another book[from their convinent stock on hand]. '[Expletive] them' I thought, The Brisco County on DVD was promoted on his website at the same time as the directors cut book, I didn't think Bruce would care. So me and Cole walk up and I shake the Mans hand. Cole lays down his book and poster, and I put down Brisco. Without any worthy acknowledgements to us Bruce grabs Cole's book, looks at the sticky note they had ready and starts to sign it. As he's (hurriedly)finishing that, I quickly explain I already went to both signings last time in portland, and requested a quick picture. "Nope." "Just a quick photo-?" "No." He interrupts. "Or else [motioning to the staff managing the line] they'll cut your dick off." Then he explained he wouldn't sign Brisco County if I didn't have a book, and wished us on our way. Strike three. Bruce Campbell has rejected his real fans who made him famous for a bunch of fucking poser consumer whores who shop at [Expletive] hot topic"

So take those two stories for what you want. I have never met or seen Bruce in my life, hopefully one day I will. So for any of you that have went to the book signing this past month, I want to hear your experiences and please tell if their are more negative stories out their or positive stories out there that contradict the latter. Bruce was built by his fans, I'm distruaght that he let some of them down and I hope its not an ongoing issue. I love Bruce to death, and I still do, but if something like the past 2 stories happended to me, I would be pretty let down. Comment below to engange in the discussion.

Please no one send me hate mail. I'm just the supplier of news. Bruce is still my hero.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Watch Bruce Campbell's Scene's In 'The Woods'

So a Bruce fan uploaded the two 2 scenes that Bruce was featured in for the horror movie The Woods. The scenes (Part 1, Part 2) total about 5 minutes all together and it gives you a peak at what Bruce looks like these days. I'm putting spoiler alerts on the videos because they might wreck the movie for you, so watch the clips at your own discretion. You can click the following links to watch the 2 scenes (Part 1, Part 2). Cinematical also did a review for The Woods today and gave it a stellar review. "The Woods is what I call a solid standard horror film" the site said and the reviewer also mentioned that they tuned into the movie because of Bruce Campbell. Bruce plays the father of the lead character in the film. So everyone go watch the movie when it comes out this Tuesday and watch those Bruce scenes at your own discretion. You can click here to read the Cinematical review.