Saturday, December 30, 2006

'Army of Darkness' #13 Will Be The Last In The Series, Will Make Way For 'Army of Darkness vs. Marvel Zombies'

Dynamite Entertainment revealed that the Army of Darkness #13 comic will be the last in the series and will set up the upcoming crossover Army of Darkness vs. Marvel Zombies. Army of Darkness vs. Marvel Zombies is a crossover between Dynamite Entertainment and Marvel which pins out hero Ash against the 'zombiefied' forms of Wolverine, Gambit, and others from the Marvel Universe. Here is an excerpt of the story:

"Dynamite Entertainment today released a preview of Army of Darkness #13’s "dynamite" pages plus the surprise ending which leads-in to the upcoming Marvel Zombies vs. The Army of Darkness Five Issue Limited Series- the crossover event of ’07!!! Scheduled to be in stores today (some stores are delayed by a week due to the snow storms that hit) - Army of Darkness #13 is the final chapter of the regular AOD series and features covers by Tom Nguyen, Kevin Sharpe, Nick Bradshaw and a surprise 4th cover by Marvel Zombies artist Sean Phillips!"

Just one last thing. If you do want to read the full press release, they give away the ending of Army of Darkness #13. So SPOILER ALERT. You can read the full article here, but beware of spoilers.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Bruce Campbell Played An Integral Part In Getting 'The Evil Dead Musical' Off The Ground

Many Bruce fans out there have wondered what part Bruce played in getting The Evil Dead Musical off the ground and onto off-Broadway in New York. NY1 had an article today on the integral and active role that Bruce Campbell played in helping Ryan Howard (Musical Ash) and company turn The Evil Dead into a full fledged musical. Here is an excerpt:

"Bruce Campbell, as Ash, starred in the original film, putting his stamp on the testosterone-infused blood sweat and guts character, and lent in hand in getting the current musical off the ground. Actor Ryan Ward who plays Ash in the musical explains. “He actually originally helped us get the rights to do it in Canada,” says Ward. “He was integral with that – just trying to help out. And from there kept in contact and he said if it makes it to New York he'll come and he did a talk-back.” While for some it might be strange to envision singing and dancing demons on stage, for others, well, they feel right at home."

You can read the full article here.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

'My Name Is Bruce' Will Not Be Released In February 2007, Possible Sequel?

Thanks to Dimitris for the following info, its much appreciated by the Army of Bruce fans. The writer of My Name Is Bruce, Mark Verheiden, updated his blog today and gave us an update on the film. Verheiden responded to the rumors that My Name Is Bruce will be releasing in early 2007. Here is the full post:

"Only an update in the sense of telling folks that the Feb. 2007 date I'm seeing bandied about as a "release date" is wildly inaccurate. It's full speed ahead in terms of post production, but everyone involved wants to do this thing right, so I wouldn't expect to be seeing Mr. Campbell's Opus for awhile yet. DO NOT TAKE THIS to imply that there are problems with the film or that anyone's having second thoughts. Trust me, this is all good! Response to the movie so far has been uniformly positive, so positive that all involved agree it's worth taking the extra time to make sure every ounce of Bruce goodness reaches the silver screen. And if MNIB takes off, expect "My Name Is Bruce - The Quickening" soon after! (That's a joke, folks, but hey, you never know!)"

Obviously the last part, My Name Is Bruce 2: The Quickening, is a joke but Bubba Nosferatu: The Curse of the She Vampires was put in at the end of Bubba Ho-Tep as a gag and now that gag is going to get made into a movie. I know everyone wants to see this movie bad, but it is a good thing that this movie is not coming out in February. Like Verheiden said, Bruce and the rest of the post production team are not rushing the film. This allows Dark Horse more time to hype up the movie and get the grassroots marketing going on a wider scale. You can read the full post here.

Note: One other post for today. I know its been a slow Christmas break as far as Bruce news goes, but if today's My Name Is Bruce update is any indication, there seems like more Bruce news is to come. Thanks for the support and keep coming back everyone.

*Cough**Cough*--> Bruce Episodes On Xena Are All Online <-- *Cough**Cough*

Its no secret that ALL of the Xena: Warrior Princess episodes are all on You Tube. I managed to link up all of the ones that Bruce was in. Some great episodes are here. If your not a fan of Xena or Hercules, don't worry, give the episodes try because Bruce is the real star of the show in these episodes. Hercules is also on You Tube, I'll link up those episodes in a few days but you should be able to find them yourself. Enjoy.

1x17 - Royal Couple of Thieves [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5]
2x13 - The Quest [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5]
3x09 - King of Assassins [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5]
3x19 - Tsunami [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5]
3x20 - Vanishing Act [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5]
4x06 - A Tale of Two Muses [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5]
4x10 - Key to the Kingdom [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5]
4x19 - Takes One to Know One [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5]

I just found the episodes, I didn't upload them. Let's hope these don't go missing like the Jack of all Trades episodes did.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The 'Hercules'/Kevin Sorbo Lawsuit With Universal Is Over

Eonline has broke news today that Kevin Sorbo's lawsuit against Universal for profits regarding Hercules: The Legendary Journeys was thrown out by a Los Angeles Court. Here is an excerpt of the news:

"Kevin Sorbo won't be getting that Herculean payday anytime soon. Part of the actor's lawsuit against Universal Studios, in which he claimed he was entitled to 8 percent of the grosses from the syndicated television show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, or, about $5 million, has been dismissed. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Hess granted Universal's motion to have the case thrown out Thursday after ruling that there were insufficient facts to support Sorbo's claim of fraud. In court documents, Sorbo accused the studio of cooking the books to cheat him out of his rightful paycheck for starring in what his camp referred to as the most-watched TV show in the world. Universal, meanwhile, argued that the actor was just after $5 million in punitive damages and had no cause of action for a fraud case. "

The article also goes onto mention that Kevin Sorbo wanted to leave the show half way through the series because of the extensive work schedule. Although Sorbo has his 'beef' with Universal over Hercules, lets not assume that Sorbo never wants anything to do with the character or the show. Sorbo has gone out and done commentaries and special features for the Hercules DVD sets. Now lets not forget, Kevin Sorbo wasn't the only one from the Raimi/Tapert camp suing Universal over Profits. When Sorbo filed the initial lawsuit 3 years ago, Lucy Lawless was also was also suing Universal over the profits she was allegedly owed for her work on Xena: Warrior Princess. Eonline is reporting that Lawless "has since reached a settlement with the studio."

The reason why all these lawsuits are so interesting is because they might determine the fate of a Xena movie. A Hercules movie was unlikely before the lawsuit and now, after the lawsuit, will clearly never be made. Now that all of the legal issues have pretty much been resolved, and since Lucy Lawless has come to an agreement with Universal, developments into a Xena movie might rise as long as Universal is backing the production of the movie. A few years ago it was reported that Rob Tapert was trying to make a Xena movie himself but was struggling to get the rights from Universal. Time will tell whether we see a Xena movie get made in the near future. Since the box-office success of female lead super-heroes has been in question as of late (the poor success of Catwoman and Elektra vs. the great success of Underworld for example), Universal will most likely be looking at how successful Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman will be before it greenlights a movie starring the Warrior Princess, thats if indeed Universal still owns the rights to the character. Either way, I hope a Xena movie gets made because we might see Bruce Campbell pop up in it as an elderly Autolycus.

You can read the full article here.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Verheiden Talks 'The Evil Dead' Comic

Mark Verheiden, who wrote the upcoming Bruce Campbell blockbuster My Name Is Bruce, is also writing the comic book adaptation of The Evil Dead. Verheiden gives us an update on the project courtesy of his blog:

"Some people spend the holidays wrapping presents, listening to Christmas music and getting soppy drunk on spiked eggnog drinks. Me, I'm spending this Christmas staring at a very young Bruce Campbell's puss, watching and rewatching the first EVIL DEAD movie. I'm in the final stretch of adapting and expanding on the movie for an 88 page, fully painted, four issue comic book series due out sometime (I hope) in 2007."

You can read the full in depth post on Verheiden's inspirations for the project here. The Evil Dead Comic should be released sometime in late 2007. Verheiden is currently a co-executive producer on Battlestar Galactica, I hope that he can find a guest spot for Bruce next season.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi Interviewing Each Other

Wow. There is a hilarious video online from the Xena Season 4 DVD in which Bruce Campbell interviews Ted Raimi and then Ted Raimi returns the favor and interviews Bruce. The video is damn hilarious because they are both so darn funny and they do a bunch of skits during the feature. Ted Raimi also does some rapping with explicit lyrics. Everyone go watch this video by clicking here. And that picture on the side is from the video of Bruce playing basketball, which gives you a taste of what the video is all about. Have a good Christmas everyone.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Director Hopes To Enlist Bruce Campbell In a "Evil Dead Reunion" In 'Morrow Rd.'

Theres a director by the name of Francis J. Sampier and he is making a new movie called Morrow RD and four out of the five stars of The Evil Dead have signed on for the film. Of course, the one person who hasn't signed on for the film is Bruce Campbell. Here is what associate producer Rob Webb and Sampier say about the film and its Evil Dead reunion of sorts:

"MORROW RD., a horror movie that features “four out of the five EVIL DEAD actors and actresses,” Webb tells us, “including Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker, Theresa Tilly [a.k.a. Sarah York] and Hal Delrich. Recently, we signed EVIL DEAD makeup effects artist Tom Sullivan, who will have a part in the movie; we also have Richard Riehle, who has had a very successful acting career in over 172 movies and TV shows, including TREMORS, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and the new HATCHET and THE DARKROOM. Andrea Smith rounds out the acting lineup.” “I am now looking to see if Bruce Campbell would like to ‘complete the picture,’ ” Sampier adds, “and make it a true EVIL DEAD reunion!” The director describes MORROW RD. as “a serious and dark horror film that deals with a group of young adults who unwillingly have to solve the deadly mystery of why a woman haunts that road looking for her son—a mystery that stretches over 100 years.”

You can read the whole Fangoria interview here. The movie is expected to start filming in Michigan next year.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

New 'Xena' Game Out For PS2

So there has been this long rumored Xena game that people all over the net have been arguing over whether it is real or not. Well, it is real but there is a catch, it is only available in the UK for now. This is the first Xena out for the PS2 and will be the last but the screen shots do look alright. I am not sure if Bruce Campbell's character of Autolycus will be in this game, although he was in the Nintendo 64 Xena game way back in the day. Here is a synopsis of the story:

"Gabrielle has been captured by the forces of evil and only Xena can rescue her from a dreadful fate. Play as Xena the Warrior Princess and brave a Magical Citadel filled with monsters, villains and traps. Use all of Xena's might, courage and wits to complete this epic adventure. Use Xena's amazing combat and acrobatic skills to defeat all evil forces in your path. Battle through nine thrilling game levels filled with enemies, puzzles and traps. Harness the power of Xena's weaponry, including her magical Chakram."

There was a descent PS1 Xena game which is really hard to find, but if this is anything like that one, it should be a 'blast'. You can buy the game on Amazon(UK), which has it in stock, and you can click here to view the official site for the game.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bruce Campbell Starts Jacksonville Production Company

Foam Finger Media had an article on Jacksonville and said that Bruce Campbell has started a Jacksonville-based production company. Here is an excerpt:

" Now the town is full of refugees from Hollywood and corporate America. Bruce Campbell, famous for his roles in the Evil Dead series and the Hercules and Xena TV shows, has started a Jacksonville-based film production company."

This is the first I have heard of this so I don't know too much details. If it is true, why wouldn't Bruce just get in on the Ghosthouse Pictures company with Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert? You can read the full article here.

Note: Two other important posts for today. Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was studying for an exam.

Sam Raimi Ready To Launch New TV Show, Launches Ghosthouse Pictures Television

It seems every week Sam Raimi is producing a new movie or TV show, and already adding to the handful of projects that he already has lined up. SciFiwire is reporting that Sam Raimi will be launching a Television division to hisproduction company with Rob Tapert, Ghost House Pictures, and will be creating a new show called The Taking. The Taking is based on the novel by Dean Koontz. Here is an excerpt from the article:

"The company's first scripted project is a miniseries adaptation of Dean Koontz's best-seller The Taking, which Raimi and Ghost House partner Rob Tapert will executive-produce. Larry Block, who brought the idea to Ghost House, will be co-executive producer. Like its sibling Ghost House Pictures, the TV unit will have a singular focus: producing scary content. Ghost House is still looking for a writer to adapt Koontz's The Taking, with an eye on pitching it to networks late next month or in early February."

Let's hope there is a role for Bruce. You can read the full article here.

Cinescape Comments On Nathan Fillion and Bruce Campbell

For those of you who come here, you know that I compare Nathan Fillion to Bruce Campbell a lot. But Cinescape had an article yesterday on a new show that Nathan Fillion has got on FOX, here is an excerpt that involves Bruce:

So, just when we thought we saw the last of Fillion, other than Bruce Campbell rejected direct to video trash along comes one time writer and executive producer of Firefly Tim Minear with a new TV series. "

I still think that both these actors present the same vibe that they bring to the screen but Bruce is still and will always be KING!. You can read the full article here.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Lucy Lawless Says She Has "The Balls The Size Of Africa", Launches Singing Career

Sorry no Bruce news today everyone. I hope you all can settle for some Lucy Lawless news. So there was an article the other day about Lucy Lawless launching her singing career following her success on Celebrity Duets. Here is an excerpt of the article:

"{The 38-year-old star discovered her love of singing while competing on the show and has decided to hit the road...The star has already sold out a performance at The Roxy nightclub in Los Angeles and eventually wants to take her show to New York City. She claims it took a lot of courage to create to get up on stage adding, "I'm doing a show on January 13 at The Roxy. I'm going to sing! I've got balls the size of Africa!"}"

Singing isn't a new thing for Lucy Lawless, she did a few musical episodes on Xena and I think she put out a album a few years back. You can read the full article here.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Cast of 'The Evil Dead Musical' Head To The Studio

The cast of The Evil Dead Musical will be heading to the studios on December 17th (which is today) to record the Cast Album to their Off-Broadway Musical. No word on if there will be any involvement from Bruce Campbell or Sam Raimi (hopefully they will do an intro on the CD). There is no release date scheduled for the Album yet. You can read the full report here.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sam Raimi Unsure If He Will Return For 'Spider-Man IV', Rotten Tomatoes Speculates Another 'Evil Dead' For Sam Instead

Sam Raimi has told Premiere Magazine that he is unsure if he will be at the helm for further sequels that Sony will undoubtedly be making in the Spider-Man franchise and said the following:

"I have to make sure that when I'm done with this picture I'm really still fascinated with the character. At the this moment I'm fascinated with him. Whether or not I will be in six month when the movie's done I couldn't say. And I absolutely would not have anything to do with the picture unless I was hungry to tell the story"

Raimi also goes onto mention that it is unlikely that Topher Grace and Thomas Hayden Church will sign on for a fourth movie (we still don't know the outcome of their fate in Spider-Man 3 though). So might Mysterio and potentially Bruce Campbell step up as the super-villain for Spider-Man 4? Lets hope so.

Now as for the question of another Evil Dead. When Rotten Tomatoes was reporting on the future of Sam Raimi in one of their articles yesterday, they said the following:

"However, Raimi is careful to say he isn't a sure thing to return in future sequels. After all, the man does have eight producing projects on the horizon, including vampire graphic novel adaptation "30 Days of Night," holy war graphic novel adaptation "Priest," and another "Evil Dead!""

Now, I'm not sure if Rotten Tomatoes was mistaking "another Evil Dead" for The Evil Dead Remake or they actually meant a fourth movie starring Bruce Campbell. You be the judge.

You can read the full source of the Premiere Magazine quotes here and you can read Rotten Tomatoes commentary with the Evil Dead comment here. Just watch out for the Dark Horizons page where the Premiere Magazine quotes are, there are minor spoilers in regards to Venom and Gwen Stacey.

Friday, December 15, 2006

'Burn Notice' Wraps Up Pilot Shooting On Saturday, Details From The Pilot Emerge

So the Miami Herald listed that Burn Notice (Bruce's new show) was going going to be filming in Miami Beach until Saturday. So if your in the area, you might see Bruce running around town. Here is the info for where they will be shooting up until Saturday:

"Twentieth Century Fox TV, Greenwich Studios 12100 NE 16th Ave., North Miami. ''Burn Notice.'' Through Saturday, city of Miami Beach."

Also, Variety is reporting that the pilot for Burn Notice will be 90 minutes long. You can read the sources for the information at the links above.

Slow news day. Come again.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Ted Raimi, Trailer For New Film

Sam Raimi's younger brother isn't so young after all. 'Joxer The Mighty' himself turns 41 today and just by co-incidence, the trailer for the new movie that Ted Raimi will be in was also released today. According to Slash Film, Ted will be appearing in the new movie Reign Over Me, which stars Adam Sandler. Here is an excerpt of the movie description:

"Reign Over Me follows a man, played by Sandler, who lost his family in the September 11 attack on New York City and runs into his old college roommate who is now a psychiatrist, played by Don Cheadle. Rekindling the friendship is the one thing that appears able to help the man recover from his grief. The movie also stars Jada Pinkett Smith, Liv Tyler, Cicely Tyson, Ted Raimi and Mike Binder, who also wrote and directs. Binder's filmography also includes: Man About Town, The Upside of Anger, The Search for John Gissing, Fourplay, The Sex Monster, Blankman, and Indian Summer."

Now Ted isn't in the preview for the movie, but he might have a decent part in the film. The reason for why I think he might have a larger role is that Slash Film mentions, in the above, about 5 co-stars in the movie and Ted Raimi is one of them. He is paired with the likes of Jada Pinkett Smith and Liv Tyler which is pretty damn cool. So hopefully he has a big part in this movie. The reason why Ted Raimi may have been cast in this film is because the writer and director of the film is Mike Binder, who also wrote and directed Indian Summer which co-starred Sam Raimi in 'pivotal' role in that film. I think Mike Binder is buddies with the Raimi's. Happy Birthday again to Ted. I wonder if Bruce will give him the birthday beats. You can watch the preview for Ted Raimi's new movie by clicking here and you can read the full report by Slash Film by clicking here.

Note: One other post for today

'The Grudge 2' DVD Details, Special Introduction From Sam Raimi

The Grudge 2, produced by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, will be coming to DVD on February 6th, 2007. The sequel to the horror hit will feature a special introduction to the movie by Sam Raimi himself called "Tales From The Grudge". Here are the complete details for the DVD:

"The rated edition will include an East Meets West featurette, a Grudge 2: Storyline Development featurette, a Ready When You Are, Mr. Shimizu featurette, a Reel Change Montage, and deleted scenes."

You can read the full details here.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

'Darkman vs. The Army of Darkness' #2 Out Next Week, Wrap Up From Yesteday

Before I talk about the following post, I want to remind everyone that a new cast picture for My Name Is Bruce, which looks really awesome, was leaked yesterday and I posted it in the middle of the day yesterday. So if you visited the site in the early morning yesterday, you probably only saw the Sam Raimi post and not the My Name Is Bruce post.

Well the always entertaining
Darkman vs. The Army of Darkness comics comes out with its second issue next week. The crossover that spans four issues by Dynamite Entertainment has released the cover for the fourth and final issue of the project which you can view on the side. Here is a synopsis of the series:

The AOD/Darkman cross-over concludes here as Ash and Darkman fend off not only Deadite Durant and his Deadite guards, but The Deadqueen as well! Will our heroes be able to turn the undead tide in time to save the city... and the world! The conclusion to this special cross-over event is again brought to you by writers Roger Stern and Kurt Busiek, artist James Fry and cover artists George Perez and Nick Bradshaw!"

I don't know how many of you that come to the site read up on the Army of Darkness comics, but I will remind everyone again on its release date. You can click here to read the full article.

Note: One more post for today other than the My Name Is Bruce photo.

'Xena' Joke Get's Last Laugh On Leno

On Monday, Jay Leno's monologue on the Tonight Show got a little Xena action. Here is an excerpt from one of Jay Leno's opening bits which involved the mentioning of Xena:

"Vice President Dick Cheney has a gay daughter, Mary. Well, she's pregnant. Wow, that's going to be a shotgun wedding. Apparently, it all began with a romantic evening at home, watching a DVD of 'Xena: Warrior Princess. I don't think President Bush understands these things. When they told President Bush that Dick Cheney's gay daughter was pregnant, he said, 'It's a Christmas miracle."

I wish I had video of it. You can read the source of the information here.

Another 'My Name Is Bruce' Picture Leaked

AICN got an exclusive picture of Bruce Campbell and the citizens from the small town he saves. You click on the picture to make it bigger. Here is the message that AICN had along with the picture:

"Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with an AICN Exclusive, thanks to Dark Horse, of a group shot from MY NAME IS BRUCE, starring the one and only Bruce Campbell as himself. This movie looks all sorts of badass. It's about Bruce Campbell being mistaken for his heroic one-handed character, Ash, from the Evil Dead flicks and ends up being recruited to fight a monster in Oregon. Feels like GALAXY QUEST but with Bruce "Fucking" Campbell. Directed by the man himself and coming out in February. Where do I sign up for the wait list? Enjoy the pic!"

Picture looks awesome, the best one yet. If you look at the young kids' shirt, it says "Cave Alien" on it. In My Name Is Bruce, Bruce will be shooting the movie "Cave Alien 2". You can read the full exclusive here.

Note: It says Wednesday at the top but the day I posted this is Tuesday, I just post date all of my posts at night so they are ready for people in the morning. So that means I already posted some stuff for 'Tuesday' which is actually today. Hope I didn't confuse anyone. When I found about the picture leaked, I couldn't wait to post it for tomororow, so I posting right now. So many of you will have not seen this post until tomorrow which will have a totally new post. If you couldn't understand me, ignore everything I said.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sam Raimi Speaks About "The Shadow" Project

A few days ago, we broke a story about Sam Raimi making a new movie that will be involving the character of "The Shadow", Raimi was interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter and said the following:

"I've been a passionate Shadow fan ever since I was a kid and have long dreamed of bringing this character to the screen"

It is now being reported that Raimi will likely only produce the project and not direct the movie. If Raimi does indeed only produce this movie, chances of Bruce playing "The Shadow" might be up in Jeopardy. You can read the response by Sam Raimi here.

Bruce Campbell Christmas Cards

So Christmas is coming up and Tina Louise, a regular at the site and moderator at BCnation, wanted everyone to think about using a Bruce Campbell Christmas card when giving out your presents this year. The Bruce cards are sizeable images which are easy to print off and cut out. You can check out the cards she made over here. Thanks to Tina once again.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Moviehole Want's 'Evil Dead IV' For Christmas

Slow news day. Movie Hole's columnist 'Caffeinated Clint' did his last editorial of the year and he talked about the 10 things that himself and Movie Hole would like for Christmas. Movie Hole's 7th most wanted thing for Christmas is for "Bruce Campbell to start hound Sam Raimi" to do Evil Dead 4. Here is the full excerpt:

"I’ve gotta say it – Bruce Campbell really needs to cave in and accept that he’s “Ash, and he’ll always be Ash” and start hounding Sam Raimi to do this “Evil Dead 4” he’s been talking about since I was in diapers (about 21 or 22, I stopped wearing them)."

You can read the full article here.

Nothing much else in the Bruce world for today. In case you didn't visit yesterday, Dark Horse released some promotional stills for My Name Is Bruce which you can look at through yesterday's post. Lucy Lawless did with iFMagazine over the weekend which can be viewed here. I didn't bother to make a separate post for the interview because there wasn't anything new to report as far as Xena scope is concerned or any upcoming projects (other than Dragonlance). She does touch on the differences between working on Battlestar Galactica and Xena. You can read that interview at that previous link if you are interested. Other than that, come again.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Press Stills For 'My Name Is Bruce'

Everyone needs to thank Rick for finding the following because everyone (including me) has been itching for My Name Is Bruce stills for so long and Rick found us a couple. So Dark Horse released a couple promotional stills for My Name Is Bruce. The first one is of Bruce Campbell in "a full action pose" which you can see on the left. The second image from My Name Is Bruce, which can be viewed on your right, is of Grace Thorson, who will be co-starring as Kelly in this film. Dark Horse has the following production details for My Name Is Bruce:

"B Movie Legend Bruce Campbell is mistaken for a character he plays in the movies and is forced to fight a real monster in a small town in Oregon. Initial filming of the movie was completed in September and went into post-production in October. Look for My Name Is Bruce to be released in 2007"

When they say its to be released in 2007, that means they really have no clue when it will be released. Let's hope Dark Horse gets a full theatrical release for this film so everyone can go see it at their multi-plex instead of looking in their phonebook to find the independent theater. You can see Dark Horse's full press release page for My Name Is Bruce and other projects here. Thanks to Rick once again.

Note: Sorry for not posting yesterday. Exams are killing me so I'm doing the best I can. One other post for today on Lucy Lawless.

(Both images courtesy of Dark Horse Entertainment)

Lucy Lawless To Co-Star With Kiefer Sutherland In New Animated Movie

Lucy Lawless will be voicing the female lead role in the upcoming animated film Dragonlance. The movie is set in the same world as Dungeons & Dragons and also co-stars Keifer Sutherland (24), Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville), and Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy). Here is a description:

"Dragonlance is based on the first novel in the popular Dragonlance fantasy franchise; namely, 'Dragons of Autumn Twilight'. As is in the world of Dungeons and Dragons, the Gods continually fight for control over this beautiful swords- and sorcery- land, but in the end, it is the mortals, through their heroic deeds, who get to decide its fate. The film starts with Tanis Half-Elven meeting old friends, Flint Gireforge (a grumpy dwarven warrior), Tasslehoff Burrfoot (a tiny and inquisitive rogue), Raislin Majere (the dark, mysterious human wizard), and Sturm Brightblad (valiant human knight). Eventually, the companions are thrown into a conflict over a legendary Blue Crystal Staff, wielded by the Barbarian Princess, Goldmoon"

The film will not be getting a theatrical release and will likely be going direct to DVD in 2007. You can read the full press release here.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Rob Tapert Check's In From The Set of '30 Days of Night'

Rob (Mr. Xena) Tapert updated the video blog from the set of the horror film 30 Days of Night, which is being produced by himself and Sam Raimi. Sadly, this movie will not feature Bruce in any capacity, nor Ted Raimi for that matter. The film is a comic book adaptation which is being directed by David Slade and stars Josh Hartnett. You can watch Tapert's video entry here.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sam Raimi To Direct New Fantasy Film Involving "The Shadow"

Sam Raimi is a busy man these days. IGN is reporting that Sam will be directing and producing a new feature that would "unite a number of famous pulp heroes from Street and Smith Publications, which had once been among the top pulp publishers." Street and Smith Publications featured notable characters such as "The Shadow", "Doc Savage", "Kull The Conqueror", and "The Avenger". IGN has learned that the new 'pulp heroes' movie, that Sam Raimi will be making, will feature "The Shadow", "Doc Savage", and "The Avenger". For years Sam Raimi was trying to secure the rights to "The Shadow" but he eventually lost the bidding war and ended up creating his own character that was reminiscent of "The Shadow", and his name was Darkman. Bruce Campbell was originally supposed to be "Darkman" but the studio wouldn't let Sam decide who was going to star in the movie, lets hope this time around Sam will cast Bruce as "The Shadow" because Sam is the one running the show. You can click here to read the full story.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bruce Campbell vs. Dean Cain --> One of Bruce's Lois & Clark Episode Online

I want to graciously thank Tina for finding the next video, I think its something Bruce fans have rarely seen and should see. So Bruce back in the 90's did a 3 episode stint on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman starring Dean Cain and Terri Hatcher. Bruce plays Bill Church Jr. in the show and episode that is online to watch is the premiere for the third season. This episode was written by John McNamara, who was a writer on Brisco County Jr, so I am guessing McNamara wrote the role of Bill Church Jr. with Bruce in mind, so you know it will be good. You can watch the full episode on AOL's In2TV Free Online TV site here. The episode is the first one on the list at the site and it is titled "We Have a Lot To Talk About". For those of you didn't know already, they also have tons of Brisco County Jr. episodes to watch for free as well on their site (was posted on this site months back). Enjoy. Thanks again to Tina.

Note: One other post for today, about Lucy Lawless.

Lucy Lawless Set To Appear In New NBC Reality Show

Lucy Lawless is fresh off her FOX reality show Celebrity Duets and now she will be appearing on a new NBC show that seeks to recast the two lead characters in the Broadway Musical Grease. Lawless will not be appearing in every episode but will make guest appearances since the show brings old alums who have been part of the musical on and off stage. Here is a description of the show:

veterans (of stage and screen) Jeff Conaway, Adrian Zmed, Marilu Henner, Lucy Lawless and Barry Bostwick as well as Hairspray's Marissa Jaret Winokur and Rent's Jai Rodriguez will be special guests on NBC's "You're The One That I Want." The NBC show, which will cast the two lead roles in the Broadway revival of Grease, debuts on the broadcast network Jan. 7, 2007, at 8 PM (ET)."

Lucy is still doing Battlestar Galactica, which moves to Sunday nights in the new year. You can click here to read the full story.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Footage of 'The Evil Dead Musical' from 'The View'

A while back we told you that the cast from The Evil Dead Musical was going to be on The View to do a musical number, well now we have the footage from that show. Rosie O'Donnell introduces the performance by saying that "The Evil Dead lives on in this off-broadway musical". The song they performed on the show is called "Do The Necronomicon" and Ash does have his chainsaw and his shotgun in this number. You can click here to watch it. Enjoy.

Monday, December 04, 2006

'Touch the Top of the World' Tuesday at 4AM EST

Bruce's latest TV movie Touch the Top of the World was re-aired this morning at 4AM EST on A&E. Incase you missed it, set your VCR's because they will be replaying the movie at the exact same time on Tuesday, December 5th. The movie is about the first blind man to climb Mount Everest and Bruce plays a supporting role in the film as the main character's father. You can click here for more information. Set your VCR's.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

No News Today - Quick Wrap Up

Slow weekend for news so I will just do a quick wrap up of recent Bruce news. So if you haven't heard yet, Bruce has got a new show called Burn Notice. Bruce is not the star of the show but will be playing a main character in a supporting role. Bruce once said that he would never do another TV show again but circumstances are much different for this one. Burn Notice is on the USA network so there will only be 12 episodes per year and Bruce is in a supporting role so he won't have to work as hard as he did on Brisco Country Jr. and Jack of all Trades. Not to mention he is shooting in Miami, which has got to be nice. Also, Guillermo Del Toro was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly on Friday and said that he would have cast Bruce Campbell in Hellboy 2: The Golden Army if the Hellboy Comic creator, Mike Mignola, gave him 'OK' to use the character of Lobster Johnson in the sequel, but he did not. We should be getting a preview and some stills from Bruce soon regarding My Name Is Bruce. I would assume Bruce finished editing the film before he started production on Burn Notice, which started filming last week. Tobey Maguire has said that he is likely finished with doing Spider-Man movies, so if Bruce is indeed Quentin Beck in Spider-Man 3, we might not see him become the full fledged super villain Mysterio in a future Spider-man movie. That's all, come again.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Del Toro Wanted Bruce Campbell In 'Hellboy 2'

I want to thank everyone who e-mailed me the following bit including; Brandon, 'JamesBondCJA', Corey, Alex, 'Evil Flip', and 'Ubatuber'. Just the amount of people sending me this news article shows how huge the next bit of news is and how important it is to Bruce fans. Well Guillermo Del Toro (Hellboy) is making a sequel to Hellboy and was asked if he was going to add any of "Mike Mignola's mythical characters from the Hellboy comic book" into Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Del Toro says that he wanted to use the character of Lobster Johnson in the sequel and would have had Bruce Campbell play him but the creator Mike Mignola is "very protective" of the character and didn't want Del Toro to use the character in his script for Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Here is an exceprt of Del Toro's response on what characters would be in the sequel and the mention of Bruce:

We have Johann Krauss joining the BPRD. Sadly, Mike is very protective of Lobster Johnson or I would have Bruce Campbell do it in a second!!! And hopefully the studio will go for a little Kroenen cameo that I wrote!!"

I loved the first Hellboy, so if the second is a hit as well, we could possibly see Bruce in the third Hellboy and not the upcoming one because I think Del Toro has already finished his Hellboy 2 script without the character of Lobster Johnson. You can click here to read the full interview. Thanks to everyone who sent the news.

Note: 2 other posts for today.

Full Episode of Bruce Campbell's Appearence on 'Robot Chicken' Online

So Bruce was on the Seth Green animated show Robot Chicken a while ago and 'Evil Flip' managed to find a link to watch the full episode. Bruce is hilarious in the episode and also has another role in the show other than in the morning wood bit. You can click here to watch the full episode. They totally get the style of Bruce's shirt.

'Brisco County Jr.' DVD Set Goes 50% Off had an article on DVD sets that have been slashed in price for the upcoming holiday season and Brisco County Jr. was one of them. The Bruce Campbell masterpiece has gone from $100.00 on Amazon to $50.00. I know the DVD was a hefty price to pay when it first came out, but for those who haven't got it yet, now is your chance. Remember that this price slash is only on Amazon and not the retail stores. You can click here for more information.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Bruce In 'Touch the Top of the World' December 4th and 5th on A&E

Most Bruce fans never heard of and never watched Bruce's latest TV movie Touch the Top of the World, but now you can get a second chance to see the film. This movie premiered on A&E at the beginning of the year and now the network will re-air the film on December 4th & 5th. The movie is about the true story of the first visually impaired person to climb Mount Everest, and Bruce plays the father of the individual. The catch though is that the movie will be playing at 4:00AM EST, so set your VCR's and check your local listings. I will try to remind everyone on the day it airs next week.

Note: One other article for today. Not relating to Bruce but on Rob Tapert's wife Lucy Lawless.

Lucy Lawless Turned Down 'Wonder Woman'

MTV had an article today about who should be cast in the Wonder Woman movie that is to be made by Joss Whedon. In the article, MTV goes onto mention that Lucy Lawless was offered the part and turned it down. Here is an excerpt:

"Mischa Barton, Eliza Dushku and Katie Holmes are all rumored to be interested. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sandra Bullock were reportedly thought to be too old. And apparently Lucy Lawless was offered the role and turned it down. It was announced in March that Kate Beckinsale got the part, but the announcement was retracted, with Beckinsale claiming she had already "embarrassed" her daughter enough."

You can read the full article here.