Friday, March 02, 2007

Update On 'The Totally Geeky Guide To Bruce Campbell'

Upon request, I went out and inquired regarding the upcoming book, The Totally Geeky Guide To Bruce Campbell. The book is going to be written by MaryAnn Johanson, who runs FlickFilosopher, and is in the development stages as of right now. Johanson gives us an update on what the book is all about:

"I'm delighted that people are excited about the book. There's not much to tell, however -- the book is only in the very early planning stages. But the idea is that I will explore and interpret Bruce's career -- and why we his work seems to speak in a particular way to those of a geekish persuasion -- from the perspective of the fan. I would love to talk to Bruce about his work and get his take on his own work, and I will try to do that, but the important thing here is that this will emphatically not be about an insider's perspective: it won't be about funny stories from the set, making-of trivia, or anything like that. It'll be about figuring out why we all love Bruce so much. The book will feature commentary on Bruce's work from an overall perspective, and also on a project-by-project basis. If anyone wants an idea of what the book will be like, I suggest they take a look at my *Princess Bride* book (you posted an image of the cover at your blog). And of course, buying that book will only encourage me to get to work on the Bruce book!"

Fans will flock to anything thats about Bruce. I'll keep you updated if anything happens regarding the project.

Note: One other story for today.

'Evil Dead: The Comic' Update

Thanks to Dimitris for the following. Mark Verheiden, who wrote the upcoming Bruce film My Name Is Bruce, has also penned the comic book adaptation of The Evil Dead. This comic book will feature new scenes and one liners of our hero Ash. Here is the update on the project courtesy of Verheiden's blog:

"I visited the lovely Dark Horse offices in Milwaukie Oregon last week, where I got to see the almost finished artwork for our EVIL DEAD adaptation/expansion. I know I've posted this before, but artist John Bolton is absolutely pulling out all the stops on this baby. Every page is a full color painting, and John's renderings of the demonic goings-ons are absolutely horrific. Remember, this isn't just a straight adaptation, but an authorized "expansion" of the first movie, with new scenes. For instance: for those familiar with the film, there's a sequense where the Scotty character runs from the shack, only to return battered and broken. Well, for the first time you're going to see exactly what happened to poor Scotty in the woods. And it isn't pretty! Finally, for those comic fans who are concerned about scheduling, 3 1/2 issues of the 4 issue series are in-house, done, finished, complete! So when this series is finally solicited, you're going to get four slabs of on-time, monthly hell-on-Earthness. Beautiful art, Bruce Campbell, Evil Dead and timeliness! Is this a great world or what?"

You can read the full source of the information here.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Verheiden Confirms 'Evil Dead' Reference In 'My Name Is Bruce'

Mark Verhedien, the writer of My Name Is Bruce, confirmed that the upcoming film will make reference to The Evil Dead. Verheiden's response is open for interpretation because he 'shy's' away from giving us too much information on the film. Here is an excerpt from Verheiden's blog about the subject:

"That said, I can flat out say, without fear of contradiction, that "Evil Dead" is name-checked in MNIB, but in ways no sane person could anticipate. I hesitate to get more specific because we gotta leave a few surprises for when the movie finally comes out, right? Right!"

There is obviously an inside joke to Verhiden's response that we won't get until we see the movie. You can read the source of the information here.