Thursday, May 31, 2007

Verheiden Talks 'My Name Is Bruce' Screening At CineVegas

Now yesterday I posted an article on how My Name Is Bruce is going to be screened at the CineVegas film festival within the next few weeks and today Mark Verheiden, the genius writer behind My Name Is Bruce, gave fans details about the upcoming screening through his blog. Here is what Verheiden had to say:

"Cinevegas, a Las Vegas based film festival, will be showing a cut (probably not final) of MY NAME IS BRUCE. Chances are I'll be there, incognito, checking out the audience reaction. It's all happening at the Palms Casino in Vegas, and Bruce plays June 9 at 11:00 PM. Google Cinevegas for the details -- be there or be not there..."

So go watch it if your in the Vegas area. You can read the original source for the information here.

IMDB 'My Name Is Bruce' Reviews

Thanks to Dimitris for the following. So everyone's favorite movie site, IMDB, has finally got fan review for My Name Is Bruce. The reviews are mainly from people who have seen the film at recent film festivals and such. There is a total of five reviews for My Name Is Bruce and the film currently has a 9.9 rating on its movie-meter. Here is an excerpt from reviewer:

"f you love any of the Evil Dead movies, if you've ever loved him as the dashing king of thieves in Xena: Warrior Princess, or if you've just been charmed by his delightful cameos in the Spiderman films, you will LOVE "My Name Is Bruce"!"

You can read the reviews for My Name Is Bruce by clicking here. You might need to register though.

Bruce Campbell's Commerical Success

Thanks to Jessica for the following. So Bruce Campbell is achieving some huge attention lately for his second Old Spice commercial and there were a few articles recently on his presence as the figurehead for Old Spice. The Salt Lake Tribune ran an article on Bruce titled "Cult star finds success via advertising and the Web". The article talks about how Bruce is finally bringing coolness to Old Spice. Here is an excerpt of the article:

Campbell embodies the "confidence and charisma" of an Old Spice wearer, Allen said. "You could basically eat a chili dog, and getting it all over your face, and be yourself, and women would still come to you."]"

Also, the Star Telegram had a review of Bruce in his new commercial and had the following to say about the Geek God:

The Evil Dead/Spider-Man actor, right, goes hilariously old-school macho in these spots for the classic fragrance, especially in the one where he sits at a piano and does a lounge version of Duran Duran's Hungry Like the Wolf while surrounded by models who look like they stepped out of The Dean Martin Show. The commercials are on YouTube, where there's also a great behind-the-scenes clip."

You can read the Salt Lake Tribune article here and the Star Telegram article here.

Old Bruce Campbell Interview Online: Watch Bruce being interviewed by Mr.Lobo

Here's an episode of Cinema Insomnia where Mr.Lobo interviews BC. It's an old one (as it talks about Man with Screaming Brain and BC's latest book) but still nice to see and quite funny. Enjoy Part 1 and Part 2. The video runs at about 20 minutes long and is one to save for you hardcore Bruce Campbell fans.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bruce Campbell To Roll The Red Carpet With The Likes Of Clooney, Pitt, and Damon

The next audience to witness Bruce Campbell's new movie My Name Is Bruce will be at the upcoming CineVegas Film Festival, which is dubbed "The Worlds Most Dangerous Film Festival". The 10 day long extravaganza runs from June 6th to June 16th and will be showcasing movies such as Ocean's 13 (which will have Clooney, Pitt, and Damon in attendance), David Lynch's Blue Velvet, and My Name Is Bruce. Here is what Press-Telegram had to say about My Name Is Bruce at the upcoming film festival:

"Some of that diversity at CineVegas includes "I Have Never Forgotten You," a documentary on Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal; "Viva," a new film set in 1972 -- the middle of the sexual revolution; "My Name Is Bruce," from Bruce Campbell (star of Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead" series)"

So it's just a small blurb regarding the film but Bruce will probably be there alongside many Hollywood heavyweights. You can read the full Press-Telegram article on the CineVegas film festival by clicking here.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bruce Campbell Roundtable Discussion

So the gang at Mad About Movies dedicated a whole podcast to Bruce Campbell. Marina, who manages the Mad About Movies, wanted me to let everyone know that this podcast was online for all Bruce fans to listen to. The podcast talks about Bruce while he was young, his film work, and his cult status. It's a round-table discussion involving a number of individuals who all are pretty passionate about Bruce. They also suggest that Bruce Campbell "stole" Spider-Man 3 and that he would be a "great aged Batman". So it's a half hour podcast all about Bruce, so I'm sure this will be a delight to many of you. You can click here to listen to the podcast.

Nathan Fillion "On Par" With Bruce Campbell

About a year posted a rant on how I believe that Nathan Fillion is the next Bruce Campbell, if you could say such a thing. I know that no one can be Bruce, but Fillion draws many similarities to our 'Geek God' Bruce Campbell. Well, the City Paper Online had a review of Nathan Fillion's new movie Waitress and they had this comparison to make regarding Fillion and Bruce Campbell:

"[Fillion] has, with his comic timing, quirky quips, and Han Solo-esque charm, become something of a cult figure on par with, say, Bruce Campbell. Firefly's devoted fans--called Browncoats--are almost as devoted and crazed as Trekkies."

Obviously the similarities are open for debate.

You can read the full article here.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bruce Campbell Hosting 'Entertainment Weekly's 20 Scariest Movies'

In 2004 Bruce hosted Entertainment Weekly's 20 Scariest Movies for AMC and the full special has popped up on You-Tube. Bruce is involved in a good portion of this special and the first scene is totally awesome because Bruce gets a chainsaw and starts it up. It's a 'Must-See' for Bruce Campbell fans. You can watch the full special by clicking the following links [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5]

Saturday, May 19, 2007

'Spider-Man 2.1' Has More Bruce?

So Sony/Marvel doubled dipped recently and released Spider-Man 2.1 on DVD. The new Spider-Man 2 disk set features material that was cut out of the film when it was shown in theaters a few years ago. 411 Mania recently had a review of the film and had the following to say about more footage of Bruce in the new disk set:

"So there's a lot of added little lines and footage at the pizza parlor, when Peter makes his deliveries at the office, some more of Otto and his wife, and yes even some more of our favorite actor, Bruce Campbell. "

So I guess there is more footage of Bruce in this one. I'm not sure if its an extended cut of the 'Snooty Usher' scene or if its more Bruce in the bonus features. You can check out the full article here.

Friday, May 18, 2007

First Look At Bruce Campbell's New Show 'Burn Notice'

Just to get you all up to date, Bruce Campbell will be co-starring in the new USA Network television show titled Burn Notice. Set to premeire on June 28th, Burn Notice is about "a spy who has been given a burn notice -- he's been fired from his job and has to investigate who did it to him and why". The first preview for the show has finally been unveiled, but sadly, the thirty second first look at Burn Notice does not have any footage of Bruce. Bruce plays the character of 'Sam' who is the "only friend" of the lead character in the show. More previews will be coming out soon that have Bruce in them but you can watch this 'Bruce-less' teaser here until then.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rolling Stone Calls Bruce Campbell "One Of The Greatest Actors Of Our Time"

At the news feed section on the Rolling Stone site, Bruce's new Old Spice commercial was highly praised and they even said that Bruce is "one of the greatest actors of our time". Here is the section mentioning Bruce:

"What happens when you combine one of the greatest actors of our time with Duran Duran? You get the inimitable Bruce Campbell singing “Hungry Like a Wolf” in this incredible commerical for Old Spice."

Obviously the individual publishing the news for the Rolling Stone is a huge fan of Bruce, but he isn't exaggerating when he says that Bruce is "one of the greatest".

You can read the full article here.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bruce Campbell Is The "King Of Camp"

Slow news day. So the Evil Dead Musical relocated back to Toronto and The BigTO newspaper had a blurb about Bruce Campbell. Here is an excerpt from the article:

"Evil Dead: The musical follows the format of the first two horror films of the same name. Those films became cult hits in the early 80's and made a star out of its hero. Ash, played by the king of camp Bruce Campbell. Those films helped encapsulate an era of film genre. The "gore" genre. Here we have a 2-hour musical version of the films that strives to keep the 'campiness' at its maximum and infuse as much of the genre stereotypes as it can to get the laughs as well."

That's not the first time Bruce has been hailed the "king of camp", and it probably won't be the last time either. You can read the full article here.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Behind The Scenes With Bruce Campbell And Old Spice

I received an e-mail from Jessica, who works public relations for Old Spice, and she sent me the link to the behind the scenes coverage of Bruce Campbell's last Old Spice commercial where he recites Duran Duran lyrics while being surrounded by plenty women hovering beside his piano. Bruce opens the video by saying "Hi gang I'm Bruce Campbell..." and he proceeds to show us his greatness in this behind the scenes featurette. You can watch the video here.

Bruce's Cameo In 'Spider-Man 3' Online

Some insane Bruce fan uploaded Bruce Campbell's cameo appearance from Spider-Man 3 onto You-Tube. It wasn't me, so Sony, don't come knocking on my door.

Go watch the video before the 'powers that be' take it down.

Don't watch this video if you haven't seen Spider-Man 3 but I can't stop you. You can watch the video here.

'Spider-Man 3' Video Game Filled With One Liners From Bruce

Games Asylum recently had a review of the new Spider-Man 3 video game and they had a mention of Bruce as the narrator for the game. Here is an excerpt from the review:

"If you haven’t played Spider-Man 2 then you might not feel quite as disappointed, as the things that were fun in that game - like swinging around NYC and the witty one-liners (mostly those delivered by narrator Bruce Campbell) - still do please"

Bruce does the narration on all of the Spider-Man movie adapted video games and he is a delight to hear when you are playing these games. You can read the full review here.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Site Exclusive! New Bruce Campbell Old Spice Commercial - Ahoy!

So I received an e-mail from Kristy, who works for an add agency in Portland and she sent me the link to the new Bruce Campbell Old Spice Commercial that is going to be released this weekend. As Bruce Campbell fans, she wanted us to see the commercial before anyone else and I think Bruce fans should be all thankful. This commercial is the best one yet and I don't want to say anything about it because everyone should watch the video and comment below, it's bloody hilarious. You can click here to watch the video.

Petition To Get Bruce A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Credit goes to Barb for being the source for the next story. There is a petition out there to get our much beloved Bruce Campbell a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Bruce deserves to have his name engraved in gold and hopefully the petition will give this cause a little more attention. I actually started the petition to get Jack of All Trades put on DVD many years ago and in the end we got the DVD package, so petitions do work in many cases but we need a lot of names on this petition to make some noise on behalf of Bruce. I didn't start this petition but whoever did, the Bruce world will hopefully back your cause up. You can sign the petition here.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Evil Dead: The Musical Review

Evil Dead: The Musical is currently playing in Toronto, Canada. It was recently reviewed here. The review is definitely favorable. Here's a selection:

"The centerpiece of Evil Dead, of course, is department-store-stacker turned-demonkiller Ash, played in the movies by Bruce Campbell and played onstage since the beginning by virtual doppelganger Ryan Ward. By now Ward has most of Campbell’s quirky mannerisms down, particularly the edge-of-hysteria power-laugh, reserved for mowing down demon-possessed friends and for bearing the taunts and infernally bad puns of his also-possessed sister Cheryl (Rachel Fischer)."

The official website can be found here. It has some clips from the show, along with links to purchase tickets. Have any of you guys seen it? How was it?

'My Name is Bruce' Info and Interview

The Corvallis Gazette-Times recently featured an article about Bruce Campbell and, more specifically, My Name is Bruce. They discuss Bruce's cult status, along with details about My Name is Bruce. Here's an interesting bit about the film's distribution plans:

"Movies do what they do based on what folks think of them. We’re fine, because of the budget, if we only go out direct to DVD, but we are going to do some theatrical as well."

The full article can be read here.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bruce Campbell Takes A 'Vacation'

If you haven't heard yet, now you have, Bruce Campbell has been tapped to star in the upcoming Richard Stanley film Vacation. In a recent interview with Fangoria, Stanley said that Bruce is "committed" to the low budget independent project. Stanley gives Fangoria an insight into the starring role that Bruce will be playing in the film:

"Bruce is Bryce, a failing East Coast banker with a coke habit who books himself and his significantly younger lap-dancer ‘girlfriend,’ Carly, into a seedy Middle Eastern tourist resort. He’s hoping for a spot of late-season sun and surf, a last, desperate stab at romance and the happiness that has always eluded him. They are so caught up in their own petty problems that neither of them realize at first that the end is truly nigh—quite literally the end of the world"

Get excited everyone. Bruce starring in a movie where he has to save the world, its gonna be good no matter the budget.

You can read the full article here.

Note: Spider-Man 3 is out in theatres everyone, so go see it because Bruce is damn hilarious and shares the camera for a pretty big chunk of time.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The New York Observer Goes Anti-Bruce

The New York Observer had a completely negative review of Spider-Man 3 and also started spreading some Bruce Campbell hate with the following comment regarding Bruce's cameo in the upcoming film:

"There is one long, irrelevant and disruptive sequence in which no-talent Raimi sidekick Bruce Campbell appears as a French waiter that makes you wonder what these people were swallowing besides designer water."

I've probably come across hundred's of reviews for Spider-Man 3 with Bruce Campbell being mentioned and this was the only one that had something negative to say about Bruce. Right before reading The New York Observer review, I read the Boston Herald's review of Spider-Man 3 in which they said that Bruce Campbell was a "good luck charm" for Sam Raimi movies. Bottom line, I know I have my biases but, screw The New York Observer. Hail To The King, Bruce Campbell.

You can read the full article here.

Note: E-mail me if you want to join the blog so that you can post news on Bruce as well.

Bruce Almighty

With the release of Spider-Man 3 ever-so-near, Bruce Campbell is going media bonanza as he just finished an interview with Game Daily. The interview is short and asks questions related to mostly video games and Bruce's 'geekness'. When asked about why he makes so many cameo appearences in movies, Bruce modestly had the following to say:

"I simply enjoy acting, so it doesn't matter to me what the size of the role is. A little spoiler: most good roles are small ones."

Bruce also goes on to talk a little about the Evil Dead video games, the Spider-Man 3 video game, and that the only system he plays is a Nintendo Wii.

The full interview can be read here.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bruce Campbell Bases Spider-man 3 Role on Former Teacher


Apparently Bruce Campbell's role as a as a French restaurant maitre d' in Spider-man 3 is based on a French teacher he and Sam had in high school.

"Sam and I had French class in high school. We had a teacher we both enjoyed and we liked making fun of the accent and practicing the accent. When he gave me the maitre d' role, he said, 'Let's do the French thing.'"

Original Article

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bruce Interviewed by USA Today

Today, Bruce was interviewed extensively by USA Today about his relationship with Sam Raimi and their struggles to survive in the business. The article goes in depth into the struggles of Sam during the 80's and 90's to land on his feet and the people he went on the journey with. Here is an excerpt of what Bruce had to say about Sam:

"He wears nicer suits, but they're still rumpled, He's making these huge movies, but he's still learning. His skills are growing exponentially, but he wants to know what everyone else thinks. He's become one of the best directors around. But he's still Sam."

The article also interviews Sam who said that:

"Once we close this chapter on Spider-Man, I need to just get away from things for a while. I'm too obsessed that the people who say critical things about me are right, even though I'm getting to do something I love".

Who knows if "getting away from things for a while" means getting away from the Spider-Man franchise or from directing all together for a bit. Hopefully the desire to do Evil Dead IV is still burning in him.

You can read the full article here.